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My dress fits! (or will)

Here’s the back story:  I fell in love with a dress while I was at a friend’s wedding last February before my FI had proposed.  It was out of town and I was wandering around their town square and went into the bridal shop.  They didn’t have time for me to try it on, but they wrote down the designer and style number for me.


After FI proposed I tried on several dresses at two different places, but neither had that one.  I was randomly searching on ebay one day and the dress showed up.  The woman had only worn it to her ceremony, not her reception.  It was a size ten.  I quickly found a place in my area that had the dress and went to try it on.  The dress I tried on was a size 12.  It was a little loose, but mostly it fit.  I figure I had about 5 lbs to lose in order to fit in a size 10.  Five pounds? No problem.


 Problem: This past fall I had health problems that caused me to gain quite a bit of weight.  Since late November I’ve been struggling to lose the weight I had gained.  I finally made it back down to about the size I was when I tried on the dress originally.  In January I had called my seamstress and asked when was the latest I could bring in my dress for my March 31st wedding and she gave me until this week.  However as this week was approaching the dress still didn’t fit.  It was incredibly stressful and I had no idea what to do.  I knew worst case scenario she could put in a corset back but I didn’t think that would go well with the dress (Allure 8705).


I went to see her yesterday and tried it on.  The top latches and there is plenty of room in the seams to be let out so it will fit just fine.  Plus she’s able to tuck the ruffles up to hem it so it won’t cost as much.  Total for letting out the seams, “hemming”, putting in cups, and bustling it is only going to be $95 since she works out of her house.  I’m already so relieved but I’ll feel even better when she calls me in to try it on after she’s let out the seams.



CN:  I had health problems last fall that caused me to gain quite a bit of weight.  I've almost lost all of it back.  My seamstress is going to be able to take out the seams so it fits. 


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