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March 2012 Weddings

YAY!! First to post for March 2012!! :D


Re: YAY!! First to post for March 2012!! :D

  • Hi March Brides! Congrats on all your upcoming weddings! I really thought I was the only one with a 2012 wedding planning this early. haha. We originally wanted a Fall 2011 wedding, but  decided we would have to rush through the process too much (we only just got engaged last month). So, we compromised on March 31st, while it is still chilly on the east coast but turning over to Spring. We just booked our venue, and are wondering what's really necessary to do next since we have so much time.  Happy planning everyone! :)
  • Hello, weve chosen 3-24-12. Dont officially have a ring yet, but we already know its going to happen...I'm very excited. At first we talked about doing it next year but due to the fact that im in georgia and she's in new york (yes she) its hard to plan and save. Im in school and she works 7 days a week ;-/ but im glad to be here. I pretty much know everything that i want and how i want it to look, i know what style of dress i want and the colors. im a bit of a planner, i have to slow myself down lol
  • I am also a March 2010 bride!!! I am so excited....we planned for a St. Patty's day wedding...simply because green is my favorite color, and the weather in Florida is really nice during that time.  This is my second go 'round, but my first actual planned wedding, so I am all over the place...lol!  Any advice would be great.  This website is fun but it's a little overwheleming.
  • Congrats to you all :o) I'm March 3 or 4 :o) So excited yay!!! It'll be awesome!!
  • I was orginally going to have my wedding in October 2011 but we need to save a little more longer so im in march too!! its March 31, 2012 theres nothing wrong with planning early and i have no wedding planner its just me and my fiance planning!! 
  • Hi ladies!  Of course I don't think it's too early to start planning because I, too, am a March 2012 bride :)  We have chosen March 4, 2012 and I can't wait to get this show on the road!  What colors are y'all considering?  I'm trying to work with deep purple and blue with yellow accents...
    Good luck with planning!
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  • Hi March 2012 brides..... I just wanna say Congratulations to each and every one you. I recently got engaged. My date is March 11,2012.  Cant wait to start planning my wedding. I look forword to all you guys' comments, tips, and advice. Once again congrats all

    Good luck and happy planning
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    This makes me feel a lot better! :) FI thinks I am wacky for being on TK so much - I said "I'm not planning it, I'm idea-shopping!" :) March 31, 2012 looks to be it so far. We *have* talked about moving it to June 2012 BUT I am not a fan - I dislike being hot, ew!

    Nothing is set, just ideas. Figured I'd start "planning" more in early 2011. Venues aren't getting booked where I am from, so they don't even LET you book until the year previous to your date. Poor pitiful me. ;)

    I hope we can all be of help to one another - especially when the dates get closer!
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  • Hey Ladies,

    I love how many March 2012 brides there are already, how wonderful! So tomorrow I will be signing my contract for my March 31,2012 date at The Crystal Ballroom in Freehold, NJ and I am so excited! My colors are chocolate brown and icy blue!

    Congrats to everyone!
  • Marissa you should come join us on the NJ board.
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  • Congrats ladies! My fiance and I just set a date and we couldn't be more excited! So many people are looking at me like I'm crazy for waiting until 2012 but it's really not that far away! I think March in Atlanta will be wonderful! Anyway... we just got engaged a few weeks ago and haven't started much planning yet. I have an ideas for colors but no AFFORDABLE venues found yet. Any Ideas? :)
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  • Hi SDB! Congrats on your engagement!

    You're right, March 2012 is not that far away. I made a "ticker" the other day and went "Holy cow that really is closer than I thought!" :) What I was writing to say was this - you should come play on the local boards for GA. :) I post on both the ATL and Savannah ones since we are getting married in Savannah. But for venue ideas just go read some of the posts on the topic - there are already a number regarding venues on the board. :)
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    Well im joining you ladies. HOPEFULLY. he hasnt officially proposed but we have discussed and we agreed that after 5 years he has to get rid of his fear and propose SOON or else! we even have a daughter! Im sure he will, he just doesnt like the thought of spending the money to.
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