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March 2012 Weddings

YAY!! First to post for March 2012!! :D

Hello future March 2012 brides!!

        I can not wait to speak with all of you!! Although my wedding is not until March 2012, it is NEVER to early to start planning and networking. I am a future teacher, so planning is what I do best..hahahaha!! My fiance and I decided to get married in March 2012 because we both graduated from our university and we are starting our careers. We wanted to save enough money for our future home and of course our WEDDING!! Laughing
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Re: YAY!! First to post for March 2012!! :D

  • So glad to see some other brides here. This board was empty for a bit and I didn't want to be the first to post. I felt alone too Hoboken and like my wedding was soooooooo far away.

    Well, welcome to you ladies and congratulations! I initially wanted to get married next year in October but like you domenech, my FI and I wanted a little more time to save so that we can have the wedding we want. I'm a Systems Engineer and planning is in my soul LOL. I think starting to plan early is a great idea. I've gathered so much information already and ideas that I think once I find my venue and set a date, I will be able to hit the ground running. We are considering March 17th or the 24th. I don't have a wedding planner so I'm doing this all by myself and looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you.

    By the way Domenech, I see that you are also a central Florida bride. Did you book your venue yet?
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  • It looks like we may all be St. Pstrick's Day brides.  I'm just wondering why you ladies picked that day.  I chose it because my name - Siobhan is Gaelic and I've always has a facination with Ireland, although I'm not Irish.  Also where I live it's a big party holiday and that's the wedding vibe I was going for.
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  • Hi Hoboken, we actually just picked March because of the weather. March and October are probably the best months to get married in Central Florida. Not too rainy, not too cold, not too hot and far enough from both of our birthdays and major holidays. Daylight savings time is March 11 so we wanted to have the wedding after the clock changed. We also wanted a Saturday because I'll have a lot of out of town guests. So, that left the 17th, 24th or 31st. We don't really have a preference. We basically are just giving ourselves enough flexibility so that when we finally book the venue we have 3 dates and 3 chances to hopefully secure a spot with the venue.
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  • Hello March 2012 brides!  Congratulations!!  I am so glad that you all started posting!  My FI and I are also getting married on St. Pat's Day.  We bought a house the day we got engaged and we decided it would be smart to have sometime to save money!  We also actually started dating on that date and I am very Irish!  I can't wait to chat with all of you soon and hear about your plans!
  • My FI is both irish  and scottish.  Plus I am scottish.  We are planning a celtic themed wedding and thought St. Pat's Day would be a wonderful day to have the celebration.  :)
  • I am so thrilled to hear there are other March 2012 brides!!!! Everyone looks at me like I am crazy for waiting over two years to get married. My fiance proposed on Christmas Day and we are getting married March 24th.  I am loving all of the St. Patty's Day weddings, but I couldn't do it on that day as my fiance and I are very Irish and my father was not going to miss the parade in NYC since we go every year haha! What color themes are you thinking of?
  • Welcome Bull!

    I get the same reaction from people when I tell them we are thinking of getting married in March, 2012. We haven't set a date yet or booked our venue so things may change. I really wanted to get married next year in October so the colors I had decided on were a deep red, chocolate brown and champagne which I was in love with. It's so perfect for the fall. Now with a March wedding, I wanted to change the mood a little bit and brighten it up but I love my red (my favorite color) and I'm going to keep it. Still debating on the other colors. The venue I love has standard ivory linens and to cut costs, I was thinking of using their linens so I guess my colors would be red and ivory so far but subject to change at anytime lol :).
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  • My colors are going to be green and gold.  Thinking white or ivory for my accent color.
  • Our colors are light green and light pick with ivory accents.
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  • YAY!!! March 2012 board is finally thriving!! I didn't want to be the first post either, so I waited. My FI and I are getting married March 31. I haven't figured out how to make the ticker show up on all my posts yet, so some help would be awesome if anyone could explain. I am so excited to start planning. We have already locked in our prices with our reception venue and our photographer, so I am not wasting any time. I can't wait to chat with all you girls over the next few years.

    ** HOBOKEN** you should get your wedding cake done by the cake boss since I LOVE his show!! Have you ever had anything from their bakery?? I like by Philly and I want to take a day trip their and get a cake or something!!
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  • The Cake Boss Bakery is around the corner from my office (I work in Hoboken) and my brother-in-law actually rents the cameras for the filming so they were able to go to the premiere in NYC for it and he always brings home treats from the bakery for my sister.  The desserts in there are amazing and there is ALWAYS a line around the block for them in all months!!!

    The colors I am thinking of are a dark eggplant or a cobalt blue... haven't officially decided yet as I haven't started looking for dresses for the girls. 
  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm seriously thinking about going back to our original idea which was to get married next October. It's only a 5 month difference from March 2012 but I feel so indecisive :(.
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  • Sorry to burst your bubble susieq but the Cake Boss screwed up my birthday cake (spelled my name wrong) so he woun't be getting any more of my business.

    Bull are you also getting married in March 2012?  We should trade info so we can wedding plan together!
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  • Oh wow. They are probably more interested in doing cakes for the show now than small orders. I guess that's the price of fame! Sorry to hear about your birthday cake :(
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  • Hey everybody and congrats on your upcoming weddings!!! I'm also a St.Pat's bride to be :)  I can't wait! FI and I are narrowing down venue choices and looking at other possible vendors. I love having the time to be choosey and to pick the things we really want :)  
  • Oh my goodness! hahahahha! I didn't look at this board after I first posted on it thinking there were no March 2012 brides, and here you ALL are! YAY!! I do not feel alone anymore! There turns out to be more brides than what I thought there would be..hahaha! Imagine how many brides there will be posting on here when we get closer to the time! Congrats to all you ladies and happy planning to all! YAY! Laughing
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  • March 24, 2012 here!! We are going to meet with the venues and priest in the upcoming weeks to really solidfy everything :)

    We just got engaged and like some of you everyone thinks we are CRAZY to wait...but we will be coordinating between 3 states!!

    We live in Alabama, will have the wedding in Tampa, FL ( or St. Pete rather) where I am from and my FI is from Ohio...yikes!!

    Thought about St. Patty's but relaized our recpetion would need green beer...and that is a huge no with me wearing white! LOL

  • I love the community feeling on this site! I've been engaged a little under a month and already have so many things figured out! I am just a super planner, I suppose! Out date is March 10, 2012!!! It is also our 5 year anniversary, so it is even the more special to us! I am trying to have a completely DIY wedding have having close to 2 years to get it all done is wonderful! We've already chosen our colors... but being as indecisive as we are we are having 2 sets of colors! THe ceremony will be yellows, whites, and some orange. then the reception will be richer colors or purples and blues all created by using colored lights on white fabrics, that way when the guest enter for the cocktail hour it is nice and bright and when the party really gets started it becomes cooler and beams with purples and blues... and maybe a hint of magenta..... still deciding on that! :)

    I also tried on wedding dresses for the first time ever!!! It's so exciting and overwhelming!!! Nothing I could have planned for! Even though I am having a classy wedding, I am staying true to my roots and I will be wearing white cowboy boots under my dress! Silly, I know, but no one will see them and they are much more comfortable, in my opinion! :)

    Can't wait to hear more about every one's wedding ideas!!!
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_march-2012-weddings_yay-first-post-march-2012-d?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:955e4823-0be1-44ef-9ee7-99a63794e103Discussion:53b40af0-fbc7-4fd4-974e-133f7cd3e181Post:c47cc00b-fd4e-424f-b26e-d353ba483a22">Re: YAY!! First to post for March 2012!! :D</a>:
    [QUOTE] I also tried on wedding dresses for the first time ever!!! It's so exciting and overwhelming!!! Nothing I could have planned for!
    Posted by bryler2012[/QUOTE]

    OMG! I have been dying to try on dresses but I felt like it was too early. I don't want to buy until about1 year before, but now I know I am not the only one with the urge!! I am going to go now. Plus my MOH keeps asking when I want to go, and I just found out my favorite dress so far is w/in my budget!!!
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  • Yay, March 2012 brides! I was so nervous that we were crazy for waiting but I've always had my heart set on a spring beach wedding, and I just moved from Florida, so I didn't think trying to get settled in a new house, new job, new city, and planning a wedding was wise. Oh well, I think it gives me a couple more months to enjoy being engaged before the craziness of wedding planning begins! We haven't really decided on anything, but I'm really antsy and totally ready to get going.
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  • <strong><font color="#008000">I'm so excited to see that there are so many of us March 2012 brides</font></strong>! <font color="#008000"><strong>I am sad to see I'm the only west coast B2B but it should make for an interesting board!

    </strong></font>In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_march-2012-weddings_yay-first-post-march-2012-d?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:955e4823-0be1-44ef-9ee7-99a63794e103Discussion:53b40af0-fbc7-4fd4-974e-133f7cd3e181Post:bf697b28-5fbf-4551-8b8e-8339ec92dedd">Re: YAY!! First to post for March 2012!! :D</a>:
    [QUOTE]We just got engaged and like some of you everyone thinks we are CRAZY to wait.[/QUOTE]

    <font color="#008000"><strong>I can totally relate to ^that^ though! Everytime I tell someone our date they kind of give me a funny sort of "Aww! poor you" look. I look at it as we have our pick of the litter as far as venues and caterers! haha!</strong></font>
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  • Eek, as another prospective St Patty's bride, I'm worried about making sure I buy/book far in advance...but I just moved to Atlanta a little over half a year ago and FI's finishing up school, so we're a bit unsteady regarding what our finances are going to look like by then. 

    Still, I'm glad to know that there are so many others out there who are making decisions this far in advance...I felt silly for hardcore daydreaming. Plus trying to convince FI that I'm not a bridezilla in the making, haha!
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  • My fiance and I just picked our date - March 10th, 2012!!!  We got engaged on March 18th of this year, so that will make our engagement about two years long - but we're both in school in separate states (I'm in medical school and he is in law) so we have a lot to get done before we can dive into planning.  I'm so glad to see there are other people out there that don't mind waiting!
  • BisttiBistti member
    My Fi and I pick March 2012 because we want to get married on the date we started to go out, we picked 2012 because we just got engaged, so march 2011 is way too close.

    We are getting married MArch 6th 2012, which is a Tuesday and then our reception is on the Friday, Marth 9th.

    Anyone else doing a split wedding. People think I am weird for doing this, but the next time our special day would land on a weekend is in 2015 ans that was way to long to wait!
  •  I am so excited to see all of these March 2010 weddings. I think I am the only one getting married on the 3rd so far! We could easily get married this March but what is the rush? I wanted to enjoy being engaged and make the planning as simple as possible. Can't wait to hear everyones ideas!
  • Hoboken Bride... Yes I am getting married March 24th 2012 :)

    Have you booked any photographers, video or bands yet? We booked out hall... Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ. I live in Staten Island so it is only 30-45 minutes away from me.
  • Hi Bull.  We're booked at The Graycliff for 3/17/12.  We haven't booked anything else yet but we've narrowed down our choice of photographers, video and djs.
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  • My wedding date is March 24th. It will actually be our second anniversary then. We got married this year and, as my husband says, "got the paperwork out of the way". We didn't have a ceremony though, so we decided to have it on our second anniversary. Super excited!!
  • Hello fellow brides! I'm a St. Patty's Day bride too :) I am from a heavily Irish family and it was my grandparents anniversary, so to me the choice to wait was a no brainer :)  I'm quite sure a few of the fam will miss out on the st patty's day celebrations but oh well :P

    I live in Central FL and considering venues... It will be a small wedding around 50. Part of me is thinking of renting a big beach house and doing a beach wedding reception.. then other parts of me are unsure!

    Ahhh thank god I have time!!
  • Hello to all my Fellow March 2012 brides I am newly engaged just a week and I am super exicited to about wedding planning and starting my new life!!! we have narrowed it down to MArch 17th or the 24th !!! We will be having our wedding in Miami so I know its going to be some much info out there!!! I can't wait for the planning to begin and to hopefully get to know some of you ladies as well!!!

    Go 2012 Brides!!!
    Future Mrs.Ervin
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