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March 2012 Weddings

Does your date have meaning?

In planning which date to have our wedding my FI and I wanted something with a little meaning. My birthday is July 3 and his is September 3. So we initially started looking for 3rd of the month dates. And then we came across March 3, 2012. His parents were married on Sept 3 and my parents are March 29th and we thought how awesome it would be to merge the dates of both of our parents as well. His mother also passed away 4 years ago and my FI felt it was also a way to honor her memory.  
However whenever I tell anyone the meaning I get looks like I'm a freak of nature because I didn't just close my eyes and point to the calendar!! Please tell me I'm not the only person who put a little thought into their wedding day! I mean it does become a permanent holiday in your life :)
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