March 2012 Weddings

One week after!

Our story~ 

We were married at 3:33 pm on 3.3.12... 
We had hair and nail appoints at 9:15... looking back I would have changed that to earlier... left no time for lunch! 
Both my mom and MIL went back home to change and were late for important pictures and its cramped everything up... Like I really wanted my mom to zip me! And for my MIL to place my something borrowed... since it was from her... 

The ceremony was beautiful and I am glad that I pushed for everthing... inculding having the Aisle runner go from the front all the way out the door... and not putting it out until the girls walked down the asile... our RB even held the real rings on the pillow and gave them to the Best Man... it was so cute! 

We served communion and used white jucie... only way to go since I did spill some on me! 

Our reception was all DIY which did not really hit me until later... 
But it was wonderful! We had a friend that was a DJ that did it for free but always works with a partner so my sisters FI was the MC... it worked out so well because I deciced when to do everything! Which was great for the control freak in me! We served a full meal with two people serving it... My sister's best friend and a lady from my church... 

All in all I would not change a thing but to start the day eariler! 

Oh and total cost bum bum bum about 2,100 (inculding things our parents paid for like the rehursal dinner...)

Re: One week after!

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    Glad your day went great.  We are getting married at 3:30 and have to be at the church at noon.  Now I want to change my hair appointment to eight instead of nine to make sure there's time to do any last minute things and for photos.
  • Congrats girl.... Now to look forward to that lil baby baking!

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  • WHAT?! Total cost?!

    I almost spend that WEEKLY on our wedding!? I'm getting ripped off lol.
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  • Wow! 2100 dollars! I'm blown away with that! It seems like everything was perfect for you! Congrats!!
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