Engraving rings..

Just wondering.. how many of you ladies are getting it done? Where did you get them engraved at? Its aroud 30 ish (I think) at things remembered. I dont really know if that is cheap or expensive??/ What do you think?

Re: Engraving rings..

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    I'm thinking about it, but I haven't looked into pricing yet. If I don't do the rings, I plan to engrave the watch I'll give him as a wedding gift.
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    I thought about doing an engravement to suprise my hubby on our wedding day...but haven't decided for sure yet
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    If you're going to go to Things Remembered, I would call them and ask about their pricing before hand. I've never gotten jewelry engraved there but I did get a shot glass engraved there that I had bought from another store and I had to show them my receipt; they charged me 50% of the price plus a flat fee and a per letter fee. With a shot glass it wasn't so much but with a wedding band it could easily add up to a large expense. This was a long time ago, so it may have changed, I just recommend calling.
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    Most jewler's can do engraving on items you purchase from them. I got my hubby to be's ring at Kay's and it was a $20.00 flat fee to have the band engraved. It may be a per word fee etc. but they should be able to do it. Things Remembered isn't too pricy usually but they do have a fee for engraving items that arent' there's along with a per word fee.
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