Any experiences with Letts Bridal in Lansing, MI? Any other shops?

I plan on starting to browse for my wedding dress soon (early I know but I'm so excited!) and I've heard some very mixed reviews about Letts Bridal in Lansing, MI.

The store looks gorgeous and they carry the line of bridal dresses I'm most interested in, but some of the reviews are just horrible (problems with deliveries, time managment, rude staff, etc.)  Any truth to these reviews?

If so, does anyone know any bridal shops that provide great and reliable service in Mid-MI?


Re: Any experiences with Letts Bridal in Lansing, MI? Any other shops?

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    I've also heard bad things about Letts, and one of them came from a personal friend of mine. Her problem was with a bridesmaid dress delivery...I can't remember the whole thing now, but I'd probably avoid them if I were you. I got my dress from Beckers in Fowler (about 45 mins or so from Lansing), and I've also heard a lot of people have good luck with Fantastic Finds near Eastwood, and the Wedding Bell in Okemos.
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    Fantastic Finds in Eastwood is where I got my prom dress several years ago. I went in when I was the only other customer, so I was pretty pleased with the service and selection. Can't say anything about how they do with wedding dresses, though.

    My mother got her dress from Becker's Bridal and insists that I go there to get mine. I've heard lots of great things about it and that it's worth the drive. As for Lett's, I've mostly heard bad things about it. I did have a class with a girl who worked as a consultant at Lett's and she quit after about 5-6 months. She said it was a zoo in there.
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    When my mom and I went to Letts we were very disappointed. The girl working wasn't very helpful and slightly rude. Their selection wasn't that great and small. You'd think they would have much more for the size of their shop. And prices were outragous! At least twice as much as everywhere else!

    I have heard great things about Becker's bridal (my future sister in law just bought her dress there, she's getting married in June). They have some great sales.

    Personally - I bought mine at David's bridal. I was able to get dresses for my entire party and they all got $20 off, my flower girl got 15% off, and they work with Men's Warehouse so we got $40 off all our tux rentals, my FI's tux rental was free (you also have the option of getting a free suit with 5+ paid tux rentals for your wedding!)

    Hope this helps!

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    I got my dress at Becker's bridal in Fowler and it was the most amazing place ever! I went on a Thursday night and pretty much had the store to myself.
    I went to Lett's and was disappointed with the selection (especially dresses in my size)  And I hated that you had to take your shoes off to be in the store!
    They will let you take pictures of the dressed but Fantastic Finds won't... hope this helps!
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