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Good afternoon!  Our ceremony will be at Hawk Hollow Chapel with the reception at Eagle Eye.  Our invitations are formal so the address to the chapel will be left off, at it will just say Bath, Michigan.  I have written up directions and plan to include them as an insert.

Here's the issue, most forums or advice I've read says to include the addresses on the direction card, but the chapel doesn't have an address.  The address that comes up is just for the golf course as a whole and is the Chandler Road address.  I don't want to put it on and have someone rely solely on their GPS and not find the chapel, so should I leave it off completely?  The direction card I plan on including has directions all the way to the chapel.

The guests I'm worried about having trouble finding the chapel aren't the type to check our website either, so putting explicit instructions on the site wouldn't help.

So to sum it all up, do I put the address on the direction card or not?

Re: Hawk Hollow Invitation Wording

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    I would. Isn't it located right across from Hawk Hollow? You could also put directional signs outside to point the rest of the way. Like a sign that's shaped like an arrow with your names on it, and then they can follow from there.

    I'm probably going to do this, maybe with a sign near the intersection of Abbott and Lake Lansing, as well as further down on Chandler.
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    I agree with putting up signs I know you can get them for cheap on vistaprint. As for the address I may put something about the intersection and exact directions posted on the included map?
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    I'm confused about the "just say Bath, Michigan," part. You are putting the address on there, right? Whether an invitation is formal or casual, it should have the full adress for people can find the place. I would do: 
    Hawk Hallow Chapel
    15101 Chandler Rd
    Bath, MI 

    As for getting to the actual chapel, we're getting married in the wedding garden at Eagle Eye and they said they put up a sign with our names on it so that people know where to go. I imagine Hawk Hollow will do the same thing. 

    And then if you don't want to put the address for Eagle Eye on there, you can just make to have your usher or someone there as guests file out of the chapel to point them in the right direction. 

    Hope this helps!
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    Etiquette would dictate that on a formal invitation the street address isn't given.  Just the city and state.  I think this dates back to when most people were local though, so I don't think it's a necessity.

    For our invitations it just looks better.

    I talked to my DOC and she suggested we do as most of you had and put up signs.  Also I am putting the address on the direction card and including directions from that intersection on Chandler to the actual Chapel itself.
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