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January Wedding?

I think it would be pretty to have a january wedding, but my fiance refuses to even discuss it (frustrating). Is January not a good time to do it?I just think it would be so pretty. Especially at the Howell Opera House, which is where I'd like to do it that time of the year.

Re: January Wedding?

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    I think it would be beautiful!  Plus since its off season you can probably get great deals. We are having a December wedding next year and we are going with a winter/Christmas wedding theme. I think January would be perfect for a Winter wedding if you like Winter weddings. Google January weddings and show him how pretty they are!
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    I went to a December 23 wedding 2 years ago and it was amazing. their table favors were these beautiful light blue and silvery white Christmas bulbs with there names and date on them. But I will add, fighting over a date probably isn't the best way to start a marriage. If he is really against it you might re think how important it is to you. Summer weddings can be unique and beautiful too. Hope thats not to preachy.
  • MsBunny312MsBunny312 member
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    A January wedding would be very beautiful. I have a friend doing it next month and she is using navy blue and white for her colors. Of course it'll be pretty cold too. Keep talking to your fiance about it. Perhaps you could convince him if you can find off season discounts.
  • jeanlee123jeanlee123 member
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    I just got married two weeks ago!  It was beautiful, and especially because it snowed lightly through out the day.  Plus, because it is a festive and season, there was beautiful lighting and decorations everywhere that sort of adds to the romance of a winter wedding.  It gives you a chance to glam things up if you want to.  The season allowed us to have a very classic and formal wedding with rich fabrics and colors.  The bridesmaids wore deep purple floor length satin gowns and the gentlemen wore classic black tuxedos.  We had a candlelit wedding reception and served hot chocolate and spiced cider during the cocktail hour to give you an example of how we embraced the season.
      I say go for it!
  • hmarchhmarch member
    edited December 2011
    My wedding is January 30th and I thought I would never want a winter wedding, but I loved planning it. No rushing to book things since it was off season, no competition for reception halls, plus discounts since it is off season. Aside from that if you are using silver, gold, red, green or blue really any Christmas colors you can get LOTS of deep discounts on last minute things right after christmas (I waited to get my white lights and got them for SUPER cheap). I think if you show him the positives he might embrace it. But it is his wedding two so maybe there is a compromise in there somewhere? Good luck!
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