Officiant Bay City Area??

Anyone know of a good officiant in the Bay City area?
We arent very religious so were looking for someone to do a non-domnational sevice, but dont know where to start.
Any suggestions??

Re: Officiant Bay City Area??

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    Pam Klusack at Matrimony & more does an awesome job.  I'm not sure how far she travels, but you should defintely contact her and ask if she'll go to Bay City.  DD and SIL really enjoyed working with her.
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    I had the same problem in Bay City for our Oct. 15th wedding (2011).  We finally ended up having a close friend go online and get 'ordained' at www.themonastery.com

    We checked with the Bay County Clerk's office 3 times to make absolutely sure it was legal!!!!  We made sure to talk to different people and make sure we were getting the same answer every time. 

    He did a nondenominational service that we wrote ourselves.  It turned out beautiful and very personal; way better than getting the mayor (not that Chris Shannon ever returned my  calls!!!) to do a 5 minute thing...

    Good luck!
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