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Does anyone know of anywhere we can rent a classic car for our wedding? We live in PA and haven't had much luck looking online.Thanks!

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    I lived in Fort Wayne for the last 23 years.  I've never heard of a classic car rental in the area, but thats not to say they don't exist.  I know there are regular car rentals and limousine rentals.  I tried searching the web and didn't have any luck either.You might try calling a regular rental company and see if they have any suggestions.  Also, this idea just dawned on might check with the auburn cord duesenberg museum and see if they can put you in touch with someone.I found vintage cars, but not sure if you could rent one.  HTH.
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    do a search for classic car clubs in your area. I bet if you talked to the owner of a car club, he could give you names/numbers of members that do that sort of thing. usually they don't "rent" the car to you, but instead act as the driver and transport you. Although, there could be some willing to rent it out.
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    Maybe try posting a classifieds ad in the Journal Gazette or even possibly posting something on maybe try contacting the Aubrn Cord Duesenberg Museum.  Maybe they know of some people who own classic cars who would be willing to rent them out for the day.
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