Help with drinks?

Is anyone buying their own champagne and beer? I live in central IN, and was trying to find a place that I could get a good deal on buying cases. 
Also, was trying to think of a good way to serve the champagne and beer? We are providing all the drinks ourselves, so there won't be any servers there, and I need some suggestions on how to make them accessible?


Re: Help with drinks?

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    Have you looked at costco and sam's club on buying it in bulk? And on how to access it, you could buy some metal washbucket type things and fill them with ice for the beer and wine and put the cups/glasses next to it or just do this for beer and give each table one-two bottle of wine on the table in the center?

    Good luck!
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    Right now would be a great time to stock up on beer because of the super bowl sales.

    Honestly, I would just watch the sales ads and stock up with it's on sale.

    For the champagne try Easley Winery or Kahn's fine wine and see what kind of case deals they have.

    The washbucket idea is a cute.  You could have the extras in coolers hidden under the table, just make sure you designate a couple people to keep the washbuckets full.

    For the champagne, I would keep it stored somewhere cold and have someone put it on the tables a few minutes for the toasts.
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    Just a word of caution...don't make it too accessible or cases or bottles can easily walk away.
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