Trying something out.

I wish this board was more active, rather than people just posting questions about where they should have their ceremonies/receptions. SO in effort to do that...

Intro posts! 

Wedding Date?
Area of Indiana?
What are your plans for the weekend?


Re: Trying something out.

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    I'll answer my own questions, I suppose. :)

    Wedding Date? 10/26/13
    Colors? dark grey & teal
    Area of Indiana? We're getting married in Indianapolis (I currently live in Virginia)
    What are your plans for the weekend? Working on some DIY stuff, starting the diaper bag for my friend, and cleaning!
  • Wedding Date: June 15,2013 Colors: cobalt blue and yellow Area of IN: Fort Wayne plans: Relax!!
    June 2013 Sig - Shoes
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    Wedding Date: July 6, 2013...which just happens to also be my birthday! 
    Colors: purple, blue, yellow, pink, green all light colors.
    Area of Indiana: Hope, Indiana...just east of Columbus. A Tiny little town that I love with my whole heart!!
    Plans: Outdoors at our home. We have 5 acres and we will be having the ceremony and reception there. Probably 100 guests at least. 
  • I know you originally posted this a couple days ago, but I'll play!

    Wedding Date: 6/29/13
    Colors: Sage green and dusty rose
    Area of Indiana: Elkhart
    Plans: Well, our weekend plans of going out to Bonefish on Saturday got cancelled due to our dog unexpectedly attacking our cat and we had to rush the cat to the emergency vet.  luckily, it was just a small cut right by his eye, but with all the blood we were afraid that the dog got his eyeball.  since we didn't get to go to Bonefish we are going to a local place tonight for sushi, they always have it half off on Mondays

    tmteltoe: I know where Hope is, I've been there! I have a dear friend that grew up in Hope and I was there visiting her a few years ago.
  • Date: July 27,2013
    Colors: coral and white
    From: Seymour IN
    plans: to relax
  • indyindy
    Haven't been on here for awhile but thought I would look around. I am one of those already married and ready to offer reviews when desired
    Date: 6/18/2011 (coming up on 2 years)
    Colors: Blue and Purple
    From: Indianapolis
    Plans: None yet
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