Bachelorette Party in South Bend

Do any girls have an ideas for bachelorette parties in South Bend? or Have you ever been to a bachelorette party in South Bend.....oh what to do

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    That's my current conundrum right now!  But as the bride, I'm not allowed to be a part of the planning and my MOH and BM's are keeping it a secret.  So....I have no idea what we'll be doing.

    I guess it depends on what kind of bacc. party you'd like.  If you'd like to keep it low key and classy there are a bunch of wineries in southern Michigan.  I know there's a kind of new bar over by the airport where they have a mechanical bull.  There's also your typical bars in downtown that could be fun as well.  There's also a fair number of spas, but I'm not sure how late they'd be open.

    What kind of party are you looking for?

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    The last bachlorette party I went to we started at Rum Runners (Awesome, but closed now) and ended up at Club Landing.  Club Landing can be fun if you like dancing.  I don't, but I had enough drinks in me to think I liked dancing. 

    A lot of places downtown are neat.  You could start out by having dinner at Trio's.  It's a Jazz club, and the food is awesome.  I like Fiddler's Hearth, but keep in mind that it is open to under 21, so there could be children in there. 

    My fsil is getting married in August.  They are booking a boat cruise of some sort out of Chicago.  I don't know the exact details, but it costs a little over 100 dollars per person, and it sounds awesome. :)
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