Classic Car Rentals-Fort Wayne Area

I am looking to rent a classic style car for my September wedding.  Any suggestions on vendors around Fort Wayne? 


Re: Classic Car Rentals-Fort Wayne Area

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    Definitely call up to the ACD museum or Kruse auction park. I'm not sure if either rent, but they can probably point you in the right direction. At the museum, ask for Kendra.
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    Be careful with Kruse Auction, that dude is a crook.. they've been agreeing to do a lot of things lately, taking money for it and then not following through with their end of the deal. A local high school does a fundraiser for them every year, he always pays them afterward and this year he didn't.. also he's "bought" many many cars this past couple of years and the owners never got paid.. it seems to be getting worse and worse so i would steer clear from there! let me know if you do find something though, i'm looking too for my September wedding!
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