WTB: branch centerpieces, cup cake stand, or calla lilly bouquets

I'm getting married in May of 2011 and I'm really wanting to do centerpieces that include branches with the lights hanging from them (manzanita or burch branches would be great!). 

 We're also doing cupcakes and I would like a stand that could hold at least 200+ cupcakes (but does not look cheap!)

 Finally, I'm having calla lillies, and I have 4 bridesmaids as well as myself, and need bouquets for all of these.  I want to do real flowers, but if I can find the real touch flowers I would consider doing those. 

 If anyone has any pictures or items for sale please email me at:

[email protected]

Thanks ladies!!!!!

Re: WTB: branch centerpieces, cup cake stand, or calla lilly bouquets

  • inkygirlinkygirl member
    edited December 2011
    A friend got married a few weeks ago and she used branches for her CPs.  She and her mom cut a bunch of curly willow branches in Feb and then spray painted them white (though I've seen it with the brown branches and prefer that myself).  They were anchored in vases with glass beads and then she had a little red bird on most of them.  She had 5 that were a lot bigger and they had crystals (really like a beaded ribbon that she got at Hobby Lobby and cut to her specific sizes) and votives (she wired a hanger around them with some thin wire) and they looked nice.  The candlelight really set off the crystally things.  If you're not getting married till next May, you've got all winter to find some good looking branches and chop away!
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