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Which goes best with my dress?

Wnich one of these goes best with my dress?







Re: Which goes best with my dress?

  • Wow, I really like your dress. Looks good on you! Congrats.
  • I voted for F but I also like E. I'd need to see them together with the dress to REALLY know.

    I bought pearls for my dress and now that I have them I don't think they'll actually work.
  • I voted for F but I really like C too. Your dress is beautiful
  • I like C the best! I think the others are pretty but "too much" IMO. Then again, I like things more understated, that is just me. You will look gorge no matter what!!
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    I know everyone like's C the most but i dont know it rubs me the wrong way

    I tink E is a more stylish/modern take on it

    I def. think you need a drop necklace because of the neckline

    edit: I know why I  don't like C now- its too "homemade" looking
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  • I voted C, but i like F too.  :)  They're all pretty, but i'm an advocate of dainty and simple. 

    GL deciding!!

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  • I agree that C looks a little weekend craft project for me.  I am not really a fan of any of those with your dresses lines.  Your dress is simple/clean so you need some kind of statement piece. 

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  • I like A, but like a bird, I am instantly attracted to sparkly things.  C is perfect if you want to highlight the dress and it's lines, A is perfect if you want a statement piece.
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