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Losing Weight during and after Ordering Dress

Hi Ladies!

I consider myself a plus size gal. I have always been on the bigger side, but a few years ago I was prescribed some medication that made me gain a significant amount of weight in a pretty short amount of time. Now that I no longer need to take that medication, I would like to shed these pounds. For the last few months I have been following weight watchers and walking every morning. I have lost about 40 lbs so far! I would like to lose about 60 more.. however, realistically I am not holding my breath and I will be happy with any amount I lose as long as I stay on this healthy lifestyle path.

Here is my dilemma- it is coming up on the time that I really need to start looking for bridal gowns. I have put off even browsing so that I could try to get to an ideal weight, but that just isn't going to happen, probably not even before my wedding. So my question is, if I order my dress in the next couple of months, do I order it according to my current size?? (I have read that this is the case in other forums). If so, what happens if I continue losing weight, and especially what happens if I lose a significant amount of weight, like 50 more lbs?? Can a dress really be taken in that much??

Someone please explain to me how this is supposed to work. My weight has always been somewhat inconsistant, so I am a little worried that I will order a dress, go down in weight, need to alter it, and hopefully I don't go up in weight at all because I'm not sure what us brides do if that happens in between! But your advice is appreciated :)

Re: Losing Weight during and after Ordering Dress

  • This sounds a bit familiar.  I was a big girl for a long while and then lost 110lbs (down to a 4 bottom/8 top.  Then underwent IVF 9failed) and had medical problems after that and couldn't work out any more and...here comes 85 lbs again.  So what I did, was find my dress, and ordered it only 2 sizes smaller.  I found my dress 7 months before my wedding and started working out.  Ont thing I would do, under the circumstances, is go for a corset back.  You have more leeway that way for alterations.  Example:   I picked the Sottero & Midgeley Elaine, for example.  My dress came in a bit early, and my try-on was good, except for an inch across the top of the back which I still needed to lose.  My first fitting is 9/4 so we'll see if I've made it.  My wedding is 10/6, so i still have a bit of time.  I listened to my consultant and followed her advice so make sure that you go to a reputable place where they have lots of knowledge and can counsel you, if you can afford it.  (Think Yes to the Dress).  By the way, I was told by my consultant that they can alter down a couple of sizes without compromisng the dress, depending upon the style.    
  • I just underwent this. 

    I bought my dress according to my measurements at the time. At my first fitting, It was actually kind of upsetting to see how big the dress was on me because of my weightloss, but if you have a good seamstress they will work miracles.

    My dress fits beautifully now - they were able to alter it about a size and a half down with no problem. Before you purchase your dress, just make sure you talk to your consultant about alterations and how easy/hard they will be.

    My dress is very simple with no beading/lace. I know that lace dresses are infinitely harder to alter...also, I agree with PP, make sure whatever you get is a corset back.
  • Most wedding dresses are made with alterations in mind - but each designer is different so talk talk talk - be open, honest and realistic with your goal... some gowns are made with extra seam allowance to let the dresses out up to 3 inches others not so much... for my dress i was told it could successfully get taken down 3 sizes - i ordered one size down and it was almost perfect when i picked it up in July - i  have lost another 10 lb and i am hoping to need them to take it in but I know i am safe if that is not the case....
    It is really scary ordering something 6 months to a year out...
    another option is to find out if they have rush fees and compare that cost to the cost of a major redo.
    good luck

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  • Dresses can be taken in quite a bit... but, 50 pounds or more, means basically recreating the dress.  It can be done... but, be prepared for your alterations to be VERY expensive.

  • THanks for the advice ladies!

     I think I forgot to mention, I am a little more nervous than usual because I have already lost nearly 40lbs, BUT I haven't lost even 1 dress/ pants size! I am unsure why, but that is the reality of it. So ordering a dress size smaller is not an option for me, because I wouldn't want to risk losing more weight, but not any sizes. The odd thing is, even though I gained over 70lbs in a year, I only went up 1 dress size, and that is on a bad day! So my extra weight is floating around in my body somewhere...lol... but it makes this process a little more confusing. Maybe it should make it easier! Order my current size and stick with that :) You all are very helpful though. I'm definitely going to try on that corset back!
  • I agree with previous PP. Get the size that fits you now. Before making the final purchase have someone from their alterations dept. come out & ask them that if you lose a large amount of weight if it will be possible to alter it smaller & be prepared for the alteration charges. I just saw an episode of say yes to the dress where the bride had lost 113 pounds from the time she bought the dress to her fitting. It was challenging for the alterations department, but they did an amazing job & her dress looked amazing & you couldn't tell how big it was previously was.

    I wanted to lose weight too, but it didn't happen. My main goal is to make sure I still fit into it.
  • I am the example of what not to do....I was also losing a good amount of weight when I bought my gown thinking I would continue to lose and ordered the dress in a smaller size. Well then life happened and now I am less then a month to the wedding and I can make all the excuses in the book but the fact is I did not lose any more weight and the dress is too small. It is a corset back so they were able to extend it with a new modesty panel and longer lacing, but it just doesn't look right to me. I am curently on a very strict diet and working out like crazy in the hopes I can fell comfortable in my own skin at my wedding.
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  • Wow this thread has helped me some! I am not getting married until next yr & I am planning on losing weight this yr.  What is considered the perfect time to order the dress before the wedding?  Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!!


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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_plus-sized_losing-weight-during-and-after-ordering-dress?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special Topic Wedding BoardsForum:973cdc6f-961e-4fb0-a628-bef2bb559697Discussion:1fcc2e79-12da-4a38-9ce3-7b0264fe3823Post:88311551-653e-4289-ab6f-cca938f1c3ea">Re: Losing Weight during and after Ordering Dress</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wow this thread has helped me some! I am not getting married until next yr & I am planning on losing weight this yr.  What is considered the perfect time to order the dress before the wedding?  Any advice? Thanks in advance!! ~G.
    Posted by texie1203[/QUOTE]

    it depends on the manufacture - some are 6 or 8 months others can do rush at a cost... it does not hurt to start looking, then go back to get measured with in the suggested ordering time for the dress you would like - my dress came in 14 days and i was told 15 weeks - you never know ;)
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