Help with Shower outfit

Hi Ladies,

I have two showers coming up (May and June) and I am starting to look for something to wear.  There are very few plus-sized stores in my area, so I am looking to order something online.  Does anyone have some website suggestions?  I am looking for something classic, but a little modern.  I fell in love with a dress at Jacob and Banana republic, but of course they don't carry my size.

I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: Help with Shower outfit

  • <<<<<----------------- LOVE THEM - they have sales all the time you might want to sign up for the emails if you want coupons - you will find everything from casual to evening - I have said it before but i think i own half the store - and i get complements all the time  Laughing
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  • I just bought a couple really cute dresses at Torrid last weekend.  My shower and rehersal dinner arent for a few months, but the dresses were perfect and great prices.  one of them were actually 30% off, and ended up being like $23 bucks. 
  • Thanks ladies, I will check out those sites.  I have had a hard time finding something that looks classic and structured.  It seems designers assume that if you are a plus-sized girl you want everything to be flowy.  I have no problem paying for well-made clothes, but it feels like everything for plus-sized women is jumbo prints and stretch material.
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  • to SweetRedHead - OMG too Funny! good thing we are in different states! I actually fell lucky i have a retail location so close to me !
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    All of those sites have lovely plus sized clothing, very couture, and you should easily be able to find something u like! HTH

  • I'm another Maurices lover - wanted to add also:  Dress Barn is owned by the same company as Maurices, but has a bit of an older vibe to it (Justice, actually, is the third in the little trifecta, so they cover girls of all ages).  Depending on your style you might find their stuff more appealing.  While I love Maurices tops I usually end up liking the dresses and pants at Dress Barn better.

    Good luck!
  • Yesterday I found your post and was looking on the sites for a shower outfit for me. Turns out I didn't have enough time. My fiance convinced me my shower wasn't until later in the month but it was actually today! Everyone did a great job and it turned out I didn't need to have a "special outfit". When I first got there, I was a little upset I didn't have a cuter outfit on, but I got over it!

    Good luck in your search :)
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  • Torrid! The sizes are 0 (XL), 1 (1x), 2 (2x), 3 (3x) and 4 (4x) and are true to size! Never had a problem from them before! Love their edgy,alternative styles too!!
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  • I don't think I'm wearing a dress to the shower. I've got a 'Future Mrs Mckibben' top that I'm wearing and dolling it up a bit..but that's all! But I am looking at Torrid for a dress for my Rehearsal dinner..Deb has nice plus size dresses too!
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  • Thanks ladies after reading this post I am not obsessed with Maurices!!!!!!
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  • I know I'm a little late to the party and a lot of my favorite stores have been put out there already. I'd like to add and
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