Day of Wedding Coordinator

Where do I begin to look for one.

I was looking and most of them seem to be the full wedding coordinator and I just want a day of.  Thanks

Re: Day of Wedding Coordinator

  • You might inquire with the full coordinators if they have services that just cover the day-of?

    Most should have packages that are downgraded to the point where they're just working the day-of.
  • Look on craiglist.  Also, the previous poster had a good suggestion.  Tell them you only want a "day of" and see if any of them will offer that.  

    Another option is to trade "day of" coordinating with another knottie on a budget.   I am doing DOC for a knottie on my month board at the end of this month.  Lastly, if you are VERY organized, hire a friend of a friend.  I hired the brother of one of my very good friends as an all around "helper" and a co-worker of a very good friend to be my DOC.  But, I would only do this if you are VERY VERY organized.  I had a binder with step by step instructions, color coded floor plan, and every single box of DIY items had a label on front of it that was color coded to the binder, so nothing could get screwed up. 

  • Yes, my day of coordinator is a a wedding planner. She just happens to offer several services. Also you might go on your local board here on the knot and ask for some references for day of coordinators.
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  • i agree to ask ones that do full service becuase often times they offer smaller packages like just DO
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  • Thanks so much

    I just know I need someone organized.  I hate when things go crazy and not done exactly how I want them.  I really want to just enjoy my day and I think this will be money well spent.
  • I found out my DJ offered DOC services and she used to work at our venue. She gave me a great deal and so now we can focus on being married and not keeping everything organized!
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