Very opinionated BM's

I have fourteen bridesmaids and they are all ranging in different sizes (xs-3x). Beautiful women and my best friends and of course VERY OPINIONATED Kiss I would like for everyone to look and feel their best (they are all wearing the same dress). The question is, do you go ahead and pick the dress that you've envisioned and have seen on each body type already or do you feel obligated to pick the dress that the BM's think will be fine?

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Re: Very opinionated BM's

  • With that range of sizes, what looks good on the XS will not look good on the 3X, and vice versa. Some shapes of dresses won't look good on a person who hasn't many curves or those who have many curves.

    I think your safest way, tbh, is to pick a designer, colour and length and let your BMs choose their own dresses. Fourteen people is a lot of people to keep happy... this way, they can't get too pissy about the choices as its their own (style is one thing, but imo, BMs can't say much about the colour).

    Curious though. What dress did you have in mind?
  • I have 6 people in my bridal party with a large range of sizes.  So I told them to go to Alfred Angelo and I picked the color, length and material of the dress then wach one was able to choose the dress that looked best on them.  They were all very happy with that.  Being a bigger girl myself and having been in many weddings it sucks when people get a dress that looks great on some one that is a size small because it usually doesn't look good on me. 
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    I agree with Amt. It will be hard to make all fourteen people happy. I'd give them specific instructions regarding color, length, material, etc. and then let them pick their own dress.

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  • If you really feel they should all be in the same dress, I would say choose the one you like best.  If they are all that opinionated, are they going to agree on one dress?  I have three girls, and they are all in the same dress.  I had one BM with me when I was dress shopping, so I was like go try on this dress, I think i like it as a BM dress.  She tried it on, I tried it on, I decided it would be the dress. 

    If you are ok with different styles, you can do as others suggested and let each girl choose the dress with color, length, and fabric guidelines.  With 14 BMs I think you will get duplicate dresses on some of the girls, but that would also look OK. 

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  • I agree with AMT the dress will not fit the same on a xs and a 3x. I would give them a designer or store a color material and lenght and have them pick their own. 
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  • Wow....14??? Really? Have you already asked all of these girls?  Are you ready to shop for 14 BM's gifts and all of that? 

    With that being said...I personally think if you have them all in the same dress it would look....creepy.  Very stepford wife. 

    All of these wonderful women you are lucky enough to have in your life are all different and special in their own right.  I really think you would be better off doing what PP's have said.  Pick a designer, color and length.....and let them decide.  That way everyone is comfortable, no matter what size they are.
  • Thanks for the advice ladies Laughing All fourteen of these women are VERY SPECIAL to me and I am truly blessed they they are all excited to be a part of our big day. I think I am going to stick with the very first dress they all tried on. It looks great on their body types and I am sort of a stickler for uniformity (nix the Stepford, lol) @BubbsNBubbs, shopping for 14 gifts was the easy part, lol  

    (THESE ARE NOT THE COLORS I AM USING, JUST THE STYLE) and I think they all look great!


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  • As long as none of your bridesmaids are uncomfortable with the dress then I think you Re alright for picking o e dress. I know as a bigger girl I hate my arms so I never wear strapless. I would just make sure all your ladies are co for table whether that means the same dress or not. Good luck"!
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  • I love the dress!  And it works for all of the girls.   What color will you be using?
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  • I thank God that none of my bridesmaids are self conscious about ANYTHING, lol... They love the skin they are in and are just wonderful gals to be around! I wish I was as confident as they are (I hate my arms being out too). I think that dress is really going to be a great look on them all! Thank you @NinaTony...

    We are having a coffee themed wedding, so we will be using the colors espresso and pistachio with fuschia as the accent color. (Think orchids) :-)
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  • I think the dress is beautiful...and I Love the red :)
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