It's Friday!

Hi ladies,

There hasn't been much NWR chatting going on. Any weekend plans? Anything new?

This weekend is the end of my spring break. I have to take the PRAXIS exam tomorrow for speech-language pathology, and then I'll probably work on all the homework I put off until now. FI and I went to see Wanderlust last night. That was pretty funny.
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Re: It's Friday!

  • I'm going shopping with my mom tomorrow and then working on invites Sun. My weeks are full of wedding stuff since I'm getting married in May.
  • Sounds fun! What do your invitations look like?
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  • Good luck on your test! 

    Lets see, also working on invites this weekend.  I also have to go to work on Saturday and the organization I volunteer with is demanding their financial statements, so hopefully I can finish that Sunday.  FI wants to go to a state park and work on his craft projects.  I would like to finish washing the walls in the dining room and maybe get new carpet on the stairs. 

    I feel all pretty because I dyed my hair and painted my nails last night. 

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  • I likewise am trying to work on my invitations this weekend! I would love love love to have the design finished by Sunday night. We'll see!

    Tonight I'm meeting up with friends for a bday party, tomorrow is gym day and then crafting with some friends (hopefully getting Wedding DIY stuff done), Sunday is invite day/relax day.
  • Good Luck on your test justdance... I'm sure you will do well!!!! 

    We have a florist appointment Saturday morning.....YEAH!! Sunday morning I'm meeting a friend for coffe and a mani-pedi (the highlight of my week)!!

    I have just started thinking invitations.... would love to see yours girls!
  • I changed the colors around a bit, but this is basically what mine look like.

    FMIL has been telling FI that the invites should be sent out already.  I keep telling him nope, 6 to 8 weeks.  He told his mom, Becka reads those websites, she knows when to send them.  I'll probably cave a bit and mail them around 10 weeks.  I sent save the dates as well, so everything should have the info they need.

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  • Oh Becka, those invitations are pretty! 
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  • I also colored my hair last night! It always makes me feel so pretty afterwards lol.
     Here's my invites. I colored out some of the details but you can still see what it looks like. I am very proud of them I think they came out amazing!

  • Thanks justdance!  Mancila, I like your black and pink invites.  FI didn't like any of the designs like that. 

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  • Well, I've been sick for three weeks so pretty much just resting up this weekend. My FI and I got our grocery shopping done and that was the big thing I had scheduled for this weekend, hah. I'me tempted to work on our invites but we're doing pre-cana this month; once our date and everything is set for the church, we'll work on ordering the invites. I already picked out the design I like on VP. It's cute and informal but still very nice. 
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