Show us your plus size wedding gown!

The current "wedding dress thread" doesn't seem to be working most of the time, so I think it's time we start a new thread. We had one going, but l thought we would start fresh and make it a sticky now !

So, please share your wedding gown with us!  If you have pictures of you in your dress, please post them!  If you can, include the name of the designer and the style #. If you have a picture of the original designer's photo, please share that also.  It is very helpful to see the difference between the gown on a model and on an actual plus size body. If you already posted your dress to another wedding dress thread, please repost it here!

Here is mine, which I think most board regulars have probably seen it, but I'll get the ball rolling for this new thread!

My dress is a Mori Lee from the Julietta (plus size) line.  It is style #3106

Designer photos:

On me at my September wedding:

(a little better closeup of the front)


Re: Show us your plus size wedding gown!

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