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So I have a crazy question and I just don't know what to do and it has been bothering me for a while now. Anyways I had a song picked out for the ceremony that the BM's to walk to. It has words and everything BUT now I don't like it. I thought I needed something that represented them or a friendship type song instead of something lovey dovey or that represented FI and I.

Well I have a song I really like and I want to use it in the wedding somewhere but it won't be our first dance or anything. So I thought I could use that song for the ceremony and the WP. But is it really appropriate? Does the song really have to reflect them?

Here's the song:

What do you ladies think? Am I just over thinking this and it really doesn't matter?

Re: What To Do?

  • The song just has to reflect what you want to be the opening song of your wedding ceremony.

    Most people choose an instrumental or romantic song more than a 'these are my girls' song-- really, it can be whatever song you want to hear playing as your wedding begins!
  • It's whatever you want the song to be.  It doesn't have to be traditional or lovey-dovey, just something that fits you and your WP. I'm having the love theme from the Dark Crystal played on string quartet for my processional, myself.

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  • I love this song. its actually in the running for our first dance song. How about your sand ceremony or your unity candle lighting? 
  • I think that song is lovely for a BP procession.  I've never really heard of making the ceremony music fit "your girls" (the reception entrance maybe, but not the ceremony).  It's got kind of a nice instrumental element that makes it feel a little more traditional, and the words are beautiful.

    Just an FYI, though - I don't know what kind of ceremony you're planning, but some churches restrict what music you can have.  Just a thought before you get your heart set on somethin
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