Here is my dress - thoughts? Bonny 1206 - Lots of Pics

I went to Miss Pamela's it is in Rochester IN, I had a say yes to the dress moment.  I am from Chicago.  It was well worth the drive.  I tried on 20 dresses or so (they have over 150 all plus size samples).  I am a street size 22 with a large bust (46 G/F  ish).  I tried on this dress and loved it. It happened to be the last dress I tried on.  I was willing to try on more but once I put it on and stared at myself in the mirror, I knew.    It is very different from what I thought I wanted, but I think that is part of the experience.  You think you want one style, then you try on many dresses to you find the one. Also the dresses look so different on the models.   When you try them on you can really see how they flatter you.  I think the model pic for my dress does not fit her well .  My advise keep an open mind try on many different styles and types of dresses.  Give the consultant good feedback on what you like and do not like about each dress.  Then you will have a better chance of knowing that you have found the one.  I initially went in thinking of a more reveiling dress with ruching and a sweetheart top.   And ended up loving this elegant timeless look. 

eeping an open mind and enjoying the experience. 

Re: Here is my dress - thoughts? Bonny 1206 - Lots of Pics

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