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What is the average cost for a makeup artist? I received a price from someone, but it seems like alot to me? 

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  • I was MOH and the bride paid $40 per face. I thought it was SO expensive, but I will say, I have never felt so beautiful, so I guess it was worth the price. Her name was Madeleine Hamilton if you'd like more info, PM me!
  • So I found out the bride lied because she didn't want us feeling bad about her spending the money (which I would have). She spent $75 a face, but I have problem skin and felt gorgerous, so I kind of understand it... but I still see how it's a lot of money. 
  • $50.00 for make up for my bridesmaids and $65 for hair....

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    I paid for my wedding make up and hair $125 and she came to my home in my big day.

    She used the famous airbrush system and I am so amazed with my pics and videos results!!!

    She is also very reasonable in my opinion + her trial it's for free but you have to go to her place in Windham for the free trial.

    Call me if you want her contact and I can share with you 207-482-3778

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