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i was talking with my parents today, and as this is all new to us- when do you send out save the dates? is it about a year before the wedding?? help please!
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  • I sent mine out in January for a July wedding.

    Unless you're having your wedding on a holiday weekend, then a year in advance really isn't necessary.  The Q&A "Ask Carly" on here suggests 4-6 months, which is the timeline I went by.
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  • I got sent mine out a little early I Guess- I sent them in October for my september wedding, but we are inviting alot of my family out in California, so I wanted to give lenty of notice. 
  • i guess im confused on when the actual invites go out then- if you send the save the dates 4-6 months then when do you send the actually invite?? haha
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    Save the dates are generally 8-12 months, invites are 6-8 weeks.  You don't have to send save the dates, and they can be as fancy or informal as you want.  Remember that anyone that gets a save the date must also get an invite, so make sure your guest list is finalized before you send.
  • I found this list of questions to be really helpful when I was trying to figure out invitation-related things.

    If you scroll down below the first Q/A, there are tons of questions about timing of different invitation things.

    They have a different section for a lot of wedding related things.  I went there frequently when I wasn't sure about something.
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  • We sent out save the dates about a year before our wedding since it's on the 4th weekend. Our biggest mistake was sending out too many. I would recommend just sending tthem to people you absolutely know you want there. Friendships can change in a year and so can people.
  • We sent ours out 6 months in advance.  also- I ordered mine on  I found a place to order 150 magnets with envelopes and holders for under $200.  That website is the best!!!

  • I plan on sending mine out the end of september 2012 and our wedding isn't until october 5, 2013.  I wanted the people that need to request their vacation time a year in advance (like me) to be able to do so.  I know it seems like a long time before the wedding, but I wanted everyone to come and not be tied down with work.  People say not to send them out too soon, because they will get lost, but our save the dates are magnets :)  Also, I made them myself, I bought a bulk of magnets online, cardstock and ribbon and made them myseelf for $70 (for 200 save the dates) I saved $100!!!
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