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Ladies, I just have to sing out!A number of vendors are just making me so insanely happy, I need to shout it from the rooftops. Or, at least the Knot board!First of all, The Regency Hotel & Spa. They have been FANTASTIC so far! We have made changes, we have ironed out details I didn't even know existeed-- to the point where I feel like everything is going to be awesome, run smoothly, and I don't have to worry about having a day-of coordinator because Celeste (or her boss) will be there to handle it all. The chef has been wonderful about dealing with the various food allergies (my onion allergy, my nephew's milk/nuts/egg allergy, and my FI's cousin's need to bring her own food for herself and her two kids). The Regency is only charging me a $20 plate fee for the adult and every child is only charged a $15 fee for their food-- instead of the normal $43 per person. Included in this $43/person price is the use of 3 rooms (possibly 4 if I need to have the ceremony indoors), a fruit and cheese and crackers plate for the bridal party in the "ready room" before we all enter the reception, and all the food and decorations for the cocktail hour and reception. And they don't charge a cake-cutting fee! The 2nd vendor is Eco-Elegance! Not so much a vendor, but I stopped in there yesterday to look for a necklace, and I walked out with something better-- GORGEOUS earrings and the very sound advice that I should have great earrings instead of a necklace because of my elaborate neckline. And she was dead-on right. Even though it meant I spent less at her store. The 3rd vendor is Karen, my stylist at Cherry Pie Salon. Aside from working a MIRACLE with my hair during the trial, she only charged me for highlights yesterday when she had to dye my whole head plus give me highlights (because the demi-permanent colour she used last month didn't stay). And she chastised me for not calling her to say earlier that the colour didn't "keep" (it's my hair, not her product or her technique). I cannot wait for her to do my hair and makeup on the day-of! Which, being a Sunday, is awesome that they're accommodating us all (9 total people for a 10am wedding!).Anyway, I highly recommend any of these people and cannot say enough good things about them.Happy planning-- I'm about to put my head down and craft craft craft for the wedding!
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