I got two big checks done this weekend.
Invitations finished and put in the mail....WOW it was so weird!
Also our Honeymoon is booked. YAY!

Did anyone else get some checks done?

Re: Checks!!

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    Congrats, two big checks!  Where's your honeymoon going to be?  

    We have the seating chart almost done (just double-checking things before we send a read-only copy for my parents to review).  We bought our favors, which are small jars of blueberry jam.  They are also our escort cards, so last night we sat down to tie gold elastic so we can just attach the escort cards once they're done, and we realized we bought gold cord that isn't stretcy.  Favor fail.  Or at least setback.  

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    Awesome!  I sent out my invites last Monday and I have to say my guests have been awesome - I already have 25% of my rsvp cards back!  In less than a week!  Have fun with the replies. It has been really exciting.  :)

    For me, all I really got done this weekend was finishing up my big, floral "C"'s and packing up about 8 boxes.  I am labeling each box with what's inside and what it's for (i.e. ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner).  I have a feeling my spare room is going be overflowing with boxes by the time we reach Labor Day Weekend!  We have people willing to help us transport items so my big goal is to have the boxes all packed and labeled by the weekend before so we can drop them off to everyone that weekend so the last few days before we leave for Maine can be focused on primping appointments and packing for our honeymoon.
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    congrats on the checks! i did my make up trials last week which was fun and felt like I was doing something important. I've also done a ton of lanterns we're making for lighting (mason jars with doilies pasted to them with twine and buttons), beaded my cake servers and champagne glasses, and bought and returned a pair of potential wedding shoes.

    Chrispy my baby's room is overflowing with boxes of mismatched china, candles, glassware, and all my wedding attire, so I totally feel you.
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    WOW Congrats to everyone! Looks like we all got some stuff acomplished. Laughing
    We are taking a 4 night cruise out of Miami the end of March. (September is hurricane season) We have 3 stops once we board all in the Bahamas. We are so excited. I personally can't wait to see Atlantis.

    Jessica - The gold cord is just a minor setback, I'm sure it will turn out fine and they will be beautiful! Good Luck though. I have done a lot of DIY stuff, I have found it so much fun! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

    Chrispygal - That is great that your guests are being so good with RSVP's. I hope mine are that good. What a great Idea you have of boxing stuff up. Currently everything is in my closet and starting to overflow in my bedroom.
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    We picked out the tuxes and FI and one of his brothers got fitted. Got the confirmation from the photo booth company. We received our estimate from the venue, so we are now working on hashing that out.  I made some appointments for this coming week. 

    Things are really starting to move along, it's exciting!
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