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Here are my two rants. 

1)  A friend of a friend had told me over a year ago that he'd make me this lobster trap card box.  He'd do it free of charge since he makes lobster trap coffee tables it would be soooo easy.  I have tried over and over to get ahold of him and see how it was going.  He has continously ignored me.  Finally he wrote back (last week) and told me how much more fun I'd have making it and painting it with my mom and blahdy blahdy blah.  OMG REALLY?  AS IF I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING? RAhhhhhh..  Oh well I'll just make one myself but I'm annoyed.

2) FI's sisters mothers sister is mad she's not invited... bite me.

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    Lol!  Let me get this right - FI's sister's mother's sister?  Yeah.  The guest list has to stop somewhere.  

    Sorry about the lobster trap thing.  Two months.  Deep breaths!  :)
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    OMG. I feel for you. 

    1. If I had skillz (yes with a 'z') I would offer to help with the lobster trap. What a great idea. I hope this dude comes around and makes good on the offer!

    2. My patience with people who "expect" to be invited is completely gone at this point. Seriously? Have you ever even met her? Why does she think she'd get an invite? I am dealing with people basically telling FI & I that if their kids can't come, they can't come. Well, that's their choice. Do people NOT understand the cost of weddings and that in an ideal world (where $$ does in fact grow on trees) we'd love to have everyone, but that's not a financial reality for most people? 

    My heart goes out to you on these issues. 
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    The lobster trap idea is great.  I always see them for sale at the antique stores going through Belfast.  

    Here's my commiseration rant:
    My mom wanted to invite her second cousin who lives in NYC.  So we invite her and her husband, plus her mother (family, whatever).  Then, the cousin emails my mom to ask if her kids can come, because her husband can't make it.  First of all, you can't just substitute guests (and she has more than one kid).  Second, she RSVPed "yes" to my bat mitzvah and my two brother's bar mitzvahs way back when, but she no showed for all three and never said anything about it.  I feel like the likelihood that she'll come to the wedding in Maine (when prior events were closer to her) is exceedingly small, but she's probably going to RSVP yes anyway. 

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    Yikes, that's a bummer about your friend bailing on the lobster trap.  I did a quick google search, and while I don't know exactly what you're looking for, I found a painted lobster trap on amazon for $25:

    Here's one that isn't painted for only $20:

    Good luck!!  Remember, deep breathes and big glasses of wine (or tall glasses of beer). 
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    Yeah the expecting to be invited thing has pissed me off to no end already. I just try to not talk about the wedding anymore around anyone who isn't in the bridal party or immediate family.  Now, people are expecting to be invited to the RD, if I invited everyone to that than what's the damn point in having a wedding reception!
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    I would have replied to your friend that if you wanted to have fun, you would have thought to do it yourself in the first place!  I hate people who back out of commitments!  It's so frustrating and rude!

    I'm slightly confused about the FI's sister's mother's sister relationship.  Wouldn't that be his aunt, or is his sister's mother not the same as his mother?  Not trying to pry, I'm just having a hard time following the relationship between FI and the person who wants to be invited.  It's definitely rude to assume or ask no matter what the relationship!  Knock on wood, I haven't had anyone assume or ask to be invited yet, but invites are going out soon and I fear we may have some backlash from FI's side of the family.  FI is only inviting the cousins that he has a relationship with, which excludes more than it includes (4 cousins of his are invited). 
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    They have different mothers.  Don't worry the relationships confused me for a while too! haha.. His sisters sister (again confusing haha) and his sisters mother were invited.  The sisters sister cannot come because she just recently moved to Texas, so the sisters mother has no way to get here and wants to substitute the sister for her sister & husband.  But both of his sisters are attending (so why can't they bring her?)  Rahhh..
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    ooooo i need a good rant too!!

    my aunt sent me a text msg the other day saying " i can get a discount at the hotel i am staying at for your wedding for Uncle earl and Aunt beth if they are invited, let me know'

         first of all they are my great aunt and uncle ive met them 3 times in my life, and the last time i saw them was 6 years ago (i had to ask my parents when we saw them last)

    i would much rather invite family friends who have spent more time with me and act more like my family than my 'family'

    very frustraiting
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