101 days/checks!

My wedding is in 101 days....and all the other September 3 brides!

I'm doing mismatched china for the wedding and today I bought what I think will be the last piece needed, I bought a ton of crystal wine glasses for $.30 a piece (love thrift stores), finally called in and reserved my lace overlays, chairs, and wine, water, and champagne glasses.

Silverware is driving me nuts. It's $.35 a piece to rent so I've looked into buying. Everything I'm finding on the lower end doesn't have a matching salad fork. Grr.

How did everyone else use this fabulous day?

Re: 101 days/checks!

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    I know - I can't believe how close it's getting for us Labor Day Weekend brides!  My 100 day mark is on Friday and I'm celebrating by seeing Bridesmaids with my bridesmaids.  :)

    I'm going to work on finishing up my invitations tonight and I also ironed out the timeline with my photographer earlier today.  I feel like I do a lot of little things every day but that the list of things to do is never-ending!  
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    Me too Chrispygal.   
    jelenybeany I think its awsome that you are using mismatched china. I bet it will look amazing!!! (and I bet it's been fun finding stuff).

    Today I sent out all the checks to pay everything in full except the reception but that is 75% paid in full! YAY, what a HUGE relief.

    Today I also created my photography check list and DJ timeline and guide.

    September is coming quick!!
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    jelenybeanyjelenybeany member
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    That's awesome about the payments!! it's so nice when things are paid down and off.
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