what are some fun songs that ppl are playing at their trying to expand my list some more!!

Re: songs

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    I have a list of songs in my bio if you are interested in checking it out.  As far a fun songs go for me, the one I am really looking forward to is Sweet Caroline, can't wait to watch all the red sox fans get thier boogie on ;)

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    100% 80's music.  Everyone loves it & it's always a good time.

    First Dance - True Colors, Cyndi Lauper

    August 28th, HERE I COME!
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    I spent a lot of time before my wedding just paying more attention to songs on the radio, and noting which ones made me want to dance.
    I gave our DJ a list of about 10 songs to go by, and he worked his magic - he read the crowd and played just the right mix - exactly what we paid him to do. 
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    I was lucky because my DJ had this awesome online playlist where I could look up the most requested wedding songs by era, genre, event (cake cutting, father-daughter dance, etc.). It gave me so many ideas! But that probably doesn't help you any...

    DH really wanted Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right to Party, which people seemed to love. Also, our 11-year-old nephew requested Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA and people liked that too!

    What's your crowd like? Garth Brooks' Aint Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up is a fun song, if they like country. NIckelback Rock Star is fun too. Of course, everyone loves Bon Jovi and a swing song or two (Jump Jive An Wail). Rememebr to play stuff that older generations will like, like Bob Segars or KC and the Sunshine Band.

    And like chayer said, give your DJ an idea of what you like, and he should be able to do the rest. He'll know what kinds of songs appeal to the kind of crowd you have, especially if you tell him people like country, oldies, etc.

    Another nice touch: Find our what your parents' first dance songs were, and play those. We did that for my parents (DH's parents didn't have a first dance song) and it was really sweet. The DJ gave a little shoutout to them.

    I'll post our song list in my Planning Bio, if you want to check it out.
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