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    WTF employer -- no raises for 2010?? Don't you know I have a wedding to pay for?! I want this recession to end NOW!
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    WTF insurance company??  You're making me waste a day typing out answers to interrogatories, repeating information that I sent to you months ago.  Would it really be so hard for you to read what's already on your desk rather than make me waste my time and sanity?  WTF??
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    WTF - Office Manager???

    You've had everyone crapping their pants the past few days, calling a group meeting, then cancelling, then calling it again...  All that just to tell us you don't think we're working as a team?  Maybe if you looked around, you'd see that we are all a team, and we're all insulted that you said "when so-and-so was out sick the past 4 days, I was the only one helping with her work" - BS, we all did, but we don't feel the need to brag about it!  
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    wtf. i can not wait to be back in our own place! i also wish people realized that my feelings and family matter too! and wtf its just snow in maine, its not like we've never seen it before!
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    wtf student loan lender - I keep receiving bills in the mail for my student know the one I took out in August to pay for school which I am currently enrolled in. I received the first bill a few weeks ago at which point I called the lender to find out why I received it when I'm in deferment.  Apparentally there was a "technical glitch" and I was showed as being less then half I had to fill out the application stating that yes I am enrolled more than half time.  Well it's been a couple week...they've been sending me a bill or report at least once a week...checked online and they've received my application but are still processing it...seriously? It seems like every day when I get the mail there's another envelope with my name on it from my lender...and everytime (like today) I think that maybe, just maybe everything finally went through and this is just a letter acknowledging that I am still in school and they will put me back in deferment.  Today, I wasn't so lucky, maybe next week.
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