clam bake or lobster bake caterer with liquor license...

STILL LOOKING!!! EEK....near Wells, Maine...I have got all my other checks in place and need this. My STD's are out, got my photographer (Alexis Stein Photo), videographer (Love and You Video), Cupcakes (Sugar - East Haven, CT), Entertainment (friend with acoustic guitar and my ipod)...and so on and so on.

Please help if you have any info, it is appreciated.


Re: clam bake or lobster bake caterer with liquor license...

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    I don't know if they have a liquor license, but have you looked at Foster's Clambake in York?  They cater.
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    Have you thought about just hiring bartenders?  Mainely Bartenders only do bartending, they carry insurance, and can take care of everything for you.  You can also buy liquor liability insurance through WedSafe for less than $200 (I did it).  

    My caterer (Good Food Store from Bethel) does not have a liquor license but is referring bartenders to me. I bought the liquor liability insurance and am paying them by the hour and supplying all the alcohol myself.  

    Explore these options and see if one of them will work.
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    If you decide to get separate bartenders, we've been really pleased with Finest Kind Catering out of Yarmouth (she travels, but I don't think she has a liquor license).  

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    i'm also using fosters for our rehearsal dinner.  we're doing it on their premises so they definitely have liquor there.  they're great to work with!
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    I agree with Chrispy, if you can somehow do your own alcohol your will probably save a lot of money.
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