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I got something in the mail today from Shelly Rose Photography about boudoir photography.  It includes a gift certificate to get it done for $50 (although it'd be about a 2-hour drive for me, and I don't know if it includes prints).  I was thinking about doing boudoir photos, but I don't think our wedding photographer regularly does them, and I would probably feel more comfortable with someone who does boudoir photos regularly, even if our photographer was willing to do them.  

Anyone have any experience with Shelly Rose Photography or general thoughts about boudoir photos?  

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    I have not been, but I heard she is on the expensive side.  She did a 50/50 promotion on one of the radio stations and this was the package.
    The Shelly Rose Citadel Boudoir Package experience takes roughly 90 minutes and includes:
    Makeup Session
    Portrait Session (Includes one outfit and one set)
    Viewing Session
    (3) 5x7 portraits (up to 3 poses with retouched enhancements)
    Can be used in either Augusta or Scarbourgh Studios
    This certificate is for the package described above, though you are welcome to add outfits, settings, portraits and/or full portfolio prints from an ala cart menu provided by Shelly Rose at added costs.
    One certificate may be used per complete session and may not be combined with other coupons, offers or promotions.

    The above package's retail cost is $360 ... but it's yours for only $180!

    She has a facebook page and when someone asked the price of the package her reply was to call the office for the specials.

    Good luck!
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    I actually did do the photos with Shelly about a month ago! I'm giving him a book of the pictures as our wedding gift!

    She did a great job with the makeup!!

    I felt VERY comfortable with her and she was so helpful with the poses. I'm a very modest person but I felt good doing this. Gave you some wine while you have your makeup done. :)

    The pictures came out AWESOME. I look like a better me. She retouched a few and even though not by much it made a big difference in my eyes.

    I live in Lewiston/Auburn and her studio wasn't open in Augusta so I had to drive down to Scarborough three times (once for the session, once for the viewing and once to pick up) It was tough to keep it a secret from my FI!

    No price list?! It was like she was making them up on a case by case basis and I didn't like that. When I asked her the prices she just told me a range.

    EXPENSIVE! It was about 900 dollars for a little black book (or at least for my case) 300+ for a few pictures in a black framed cutout and over 50 for just a 5X7! The biggest bummer is that she goes through all the pictures and you choose all the ones you like and then she tells you the prices. So of course you like all the ones you pick but for most of us we can't afford to do all of them.

    Overall it was a good experience, but she really should post a price list. It seems kind of shady not to. I understand she does a lot of deals but deals based on what!?
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    Thanks so much for that feedback.  I live in the midcoast area and work in Bangor, so it would still be hard for me to keep 3 visits to Augusta a secret from my FI, although good to know she has the Augusta studio.  That does sound expensive for the prints, and strangely random.  

    I have also been rethinking the boudoir photos as a wedding gift.  It seems like the wedding itself will be very special anyway, so maybe I should save boudoir photos for our first anniversary or something when the "newness" of being newlyweds will have faded.  Still undecided.  

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    $900! That is crazy expensive.  When I get mine done, I am doing them with Tess J.  A lot of my friends have had them done by her and they came out great!  The price for her session is around $500 and she does hair and make up also.
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    [QUOTE]$900! That is crazy expensive.  When I get mine done, I am doing them with Tess J.  A lot of my friends have had them done by her and they came out great!  The price for her session is around $500 and she does hair and make up also.
    Posted by fickrj5[/QUOTE]

    Will that include an album or prints?

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    Here is all the information.  I think I am going to do mine sometime in July. My MOH is doing hers in May.

     hair and makeup (by Tess so it's a completely private session/ all clients on this site had hair and makeup by Tess)

    *up to 7 wardrobe changes (more changes means more variety)

    *10 x 8 leather lay flat coffee table style book, color choices and upgrades to image cover or different fabric is available. Larger books are also available.

    *The book! Your  custom designed 25 page coffee table style album can include as many or as few photos from your session as you like. More images means a fuller book, less image means more full page spreads. Designs are a magazine style layout in a 12 x 8 lay flat coffee table book. The basic book is a leather bound but you can upgrade to an image cover or choose a different color leather.

    *Your retouched images sent via digital download for you to keep.

    Fee: $500
    * the fee has recently changed simply to include the album rather than having a separate album and session fee, more outfits are included and more retouched images

    Your retouched high resolution files are included.

    Delivery: Albums and DVD's take about 2 weeks from the time you choose your images. Be sure to book your session at least 6 weeks prior to your desired delivery date. Rush fees apply if needed. Priority shipping is included in your fee. Albums can not be picked up.

    *All sessions require a $100 deposit to hold your session date. The full session balance is due on the date of your session.

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    Thanks for posting that, flickrj!  I didn't want to look around her website too much from my work computer :)

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    haha... no problem.  I think there is also a photographer in the Bangor area that does them, but I can't remember the name.
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    That is a MUCH better deal then Shelly Rose. I'm kind of bummed I didn't go to Tess! LOL But it's good to know now just in case I want to do it again. :)
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    If you read the terms of service for this website, vendors are not supposed to advertise their businesses on here.
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    Fickrj - good suggestion. 

    Jessicabessica - excellent idea about doing that for a 1 yr gift! I might have to steal it. :)
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    I didn't look at the two photographers but just because one is cheaper doesn't mean he or she is better. There are so many different album companies, so many different ways to design albums, light shoots, etc. that just because someone is offering what seems like the same thing for less it may not be. I will always recommend (espeicially with this type of photography) you meet the photog and go with who you feel the most comfortable with. If you don't get along amazingly with the photographer you won't have pictures that are as awesome.... to see my wedding photography, to see my commercial photography.
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