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We are currently living in Ohio - and no offense to ohio, but their venue options are lousy for the outdoors type. My hubby to be is from northern michigan, and I grew up with one foot on either coast (including summers on Wyman Lake). We are looking for an affordable place outdoors, near accomadations of the family, with water and trees, that will let us have the ceremony at sunset.

I know, I'm uber picky. I don't want a big white tent, and I don't want pink fluff. I want a naturally beautiful setting, so I turned to maine. I've looked into Cliff lodge, and it doesn't meet our criteria, and Alsoon(this info is on my laptop in the shop so I'm trying to remember spelling) Lake didn't have a catering menu to fit our taste.

That is my other issue, catering. UGH! But I don't want to be the princess and cook for a hundred people on the same day. ;o)

Any help greatly appreciated. I know this is a headache of a question.

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    sebago lake? yeah i didnt like their food options either

    what time of year are you looking into? Also does it matter where in Maine, it is a pretty big state and some areas are very different from others.

    if it is summer or fall what about Sundayriver or Sugarloaf?
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    We rented a private house in Newry/Bethel.  It doesn't have water, but it overlooks the mountains and its amazingly beautiful.  There are outdoor options for the ceremony as well as indoor in case of rain.  100 people might be tough, but check it out.

    We were also very picky when it came to food and feel exceedingly lucky that the one (yes, one) local caterer in Bethel is awesome.  I hate banquet food and am a totaly foodie.  Their food may not be the fanciest, but it's good.  Lick your plate good.  We are super excited about our meal.  If you end up considering this route let me know and I'll share whatever informaiton you want. 

    Happy Planning!
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    I don't know when you're looking but something to think about is when sunset is.  I hadn't thought about it at all and I'm getting married June 18 (almost the longest day of the year) so sunset isn't until almost 9 pm. 

    We're getting married on Peaks Island over looking Casco Bay & the marina.. there are several other Islands in Maine and I'm sure they have venue options..

    What do you consider affordable?  Whats the food budget?  How many people? 

    How about Moosehead?  It's farther up there but it's beautiful!

    Good luck!

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    If you are looking for a very rustic/woodsy venue PM me with an email and I will send you pics of my venue. They don't have a great website, but its a lodge on the lake. The lodge has a beautiful stone fireplace, cathedral type ceilings, beams and really is beautiful.
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    We're getting married at Ducktrap Retreat - it's a property you rent for the entire weekend and bring in your own vendors.  Also the Camden Snow Bowl is available for weddings in the summer.  Same deal, you have to bring in all your vendors.  But neither requires a tent (although Ducktrap's deck is tented, where the dinner will be).
    Camden Snow Bowl is definitely more rustic, but you can't beat the price!
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    We are getting married at the Coastal Maine Botantical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor.  Not sure if it is what you're looking for or not, but check it out and see what you think.

    Good luck!
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    Take a look at Oceangate Resort . They have a that overlooks the ocean where you can get married then move up to the deck for your reception. It's really beautiful and the best part is all of your guests can stay right there for the weekend and tour around Boothbay Harbor. My caterer, The Blue Elephant Events and Catering, first showed it to me and I really liked it. Check them both out! I think you'll fall in love!
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    Thank you so much ladies... I'm going to be busy looking into these.

    As for affordable - our budget is (egads) $8000. Thank goodness I've found four dresses to go try on for under six hundred a piece. Our rings are only six hundred. Floral won't be too bad 'cos the flowers I'm wanting are not expensive or anything by any means. Most of the money will be going into just venue. I kept our honeymoon costs seperate.

    We have one hundred guests of just our closest friends and family. Both families are huge from all the additions of steps and halfs over the years.

    Water is very important to me. His mom's favorite thing to do was spend time at lake, even though she couldn't swim. The water and morning glories are my way of trying to tie her into it, even though she will only be with us in spirit. And we are both earthy people so we know want the view.

    Date is October 10th 2012, so sunset isn't very late. Not that it would effect any of our family - we're night creatures. ;o)

    Thanks again ladies.
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    Check with the Samoset Resort.  It's gorgeous and there are plenty of places for guests to stay if they prefer not to stay there.  I'm pretty sure their rates are lower that time of year.  Definitely worth a call to see what they can do for you with your budget.  Good luck!
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    [QUOTE]If you are looking for a very rustic/woodsy venue PM me with an email and I will send you pics of my venue. They don't have a great website, but its a lodge on the lake. The lodge has a beautiful stone fireplace, cathedral type ceilings, beams and really is beautiful.
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