Boudoir Check!

Hey ladies!!

I just had my boudoir photo shoot this morning! It went really well I think. I definitely think the photos towards the end will be better because I started feeling more comfortable. But I think she came up with some really good stuff. Now the worst part is the waiting! She said it would take her 2-4 weeks. Hopefully it's closer to 2 so I have plenty of time to get them printed in a book before the wedding.

I wish I had stretched properly beforehand though! She had me in some weird positions and now I'm so sore!!!

But I can't wait to see the pics!!

Re: Boudoir Check!

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    Yay! I can't wait to do mine!  Sound like you had a good time and you'll get some great pics!
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    Ha ha - good pointer about the stretching.  Mine are in two weeks and I am definitely nervous!  I found some cute outfits though, so that has made me a little more excited.  Any other pointers besides the stretching, or reccomendations you can make for certain shots, etc?
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    Umm, let's see. She kept telling me to make a sexy face and I had no clue what that meant. Haha. She said to try to look at the camera the way I look at him when he walks in the door after he's been away for a while. That helped a little, but I found that the faces were the hardest part. As silly as it sounds, I kind of wish I had practiced some faces in the mirror so I knew what looked okay and what just looked silly. I probably have a goofy grin for like half the pictures. :)

    One shot she did that I think I'll really like was when I had on an outfit that had stockings, she had me put on heels and lay on my back, with my legs up in the air against the wall and ankles crossed. It seemed like an odd shot, but she showed me in her camera and I loved it. Plus it didn't really have my face in it, so I didn't have to worry about the "sexy face." :)

    One other thing I did was that I saved what I thought will be his favorite outfit for last. I'm glad I did because I think those pictures will come out best since I was finally starting to feel comfortable. It was a simple outfit (bright blue boy-short undies and a ribbed tank), but I know he'll love that because that's his favorite look so I'm excited to see those ones!!

    Last, I would just say have fun!! My friend that I brought with me helped me relax a little, which was good! I'm sure she'll take a ton of pics. I think we got 175 pictures in the hour that it took. I should have a ton to choose from!
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    Congrats on the check!! I have mine in a few weeks. I went out over the weekend to get some outfits but had a hard time. I did manage to pick up one. Thanks for the recommendations. It has helped to ease my nerves.
    And oh wow 175 pictures in an hour. You will sure have a ton to choose from.

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    so glad you had fun!
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    How many outfits did you bring?  I have my apt set up but I have no idea what to bring!  Freaking out a little!!
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    I had like 5 outfits I think, but that was definitely more than I needed. We could have done just two or three even. Some of the coolest ones I've seen too are something that he really likes, maybe a jersey of his favorite sports team? One I did was with my FI's BDU jacket (he's in the Air Force).
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    Team Jersey?????  That's PERFECT!!  I never thought of that!
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    I had one friend do some pictures with her H's snowboard too because he LOVES snowboarding. My FI likes cars and computers and since I definitely wasn't going to go outside and sit on his car (especially since I did them while he was at work), I did a couple where I was sitting on his desk. Those were a lot of fun. :)

    Good luck! You definitely don't need to go buy new outfits (although I would recommend maybe finding one new one if you can afford it because it might help you feel sexy. I know there are some places you can go in the mall that aren't nearly as expensive as Victoria's Secret stuff and just as sexy!!)
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