I do not write often but I am really frustrated and regreting my choice for our reception dinner.

We are having it at Bull Feeney's because it is a large facility and has the space we want.  We signed our contract in October of 2009 for our October 2010 wedding and loved the guy we were working with.  When I went to work out the details this summer I found out the guy we signed up with was no longer employed...then made to feel like they were doing us a favor because he should have never let us have the space on a holiday weekend!

So we get over that and set up a meeting for July (oh yea, we are doing this from DC so we can't be in town much) and when we get there they don't have a record of the meeting! But we get over that as they meet with us and again remind us that we are an exception...

So here comes the part that is making me frustrated...August 6th I email them for the quote based on what we discuss.  August 13th I follow up cause I haven't heard a word.  They reply that they just put in a new menu and will get back to me over the weekend.  August 24th - I follow up again.  August 26th (today) I follow up today and I get a response that includes "I apologize for this taking longer than you wished"!!!!  As if I am being unreasonable with my timeline?

(P.S. thanks for listening)


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    Yikes, i'm so sorry!  My only advice is to keep a really good paper trail.  Get everything in writing because it sounds like they probably aren't keeping track of any details very well.  Also, maybe try calling if email is an unreliable source of communication for them.  I hope it all works out for you!
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