Hello, Maine!

Hi everyone!

I'm newly engaged, and so very excited to start planning my wedding! We looked at Seasons in Portland today, and loved the place. We have a few more venues to look at over the next few weeks, but I have a feeling this will be it. ;) Has anyone held their actual ceremony there? I love that they have that as an option, but I'm not sure how I feel about it as far as pictures are concerned.

We haven't set an offical date, but we're leaning towards 6/1/2013!

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  • I got married there this past summer.  We didn't have our ceremony there, but we had it as our backup plan if it rained.  I agree, the photo ops are limited.  We got married at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth but were relieved that they would let us have our ceremony at Seasons at the last minute if the weather didn't cooperate.
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  • Congrats and Welcome!   the ladies on this board are very helpful and friendly!   I am Also a seasons bride! Our wedding is 09/22/1912.  we are having our ceremony at a church In Scarborough, but we did consider having the ceremony there, but ultimatley decided against it, for the sake of Photographs and I really wanted a church Wedding.
  • 2012**  wow!  not 1912!
  • Thanks for the feedback! We actually considered having the ceremony at Fort Williams, since it's a favorite spot of ours. Our families are coming from out of state. My thought was that having them travel around the city as little as possible would be ideal, since they don't know their way around... which is why having the ceremony on site would be perfect. But I keep thinking about our photos!! I know it's my day, but I want to be considerate and keep all of our guests in mind. What would you do? Ahh I'm torn..
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    I have been to weddings where everything was in one place, and I was grateful for not having to drive, BUT the location had amazing photo opportunties, so I could completely understand why the bride and groom chose the location.  Unless there was like an hour drive from ceremony to reception, I don't think I'd ever be upset with a bride and groom for making me travel, even in an unknown area.

    A majority of my guests were not from Portland, or Maine for that matter, so most had no idea where they were going.  Between GPS and really good directions, no one (that I know of) got lost.  I used a slightly longer route (distance-wise) to avoid really having to drive in Portland and instead had them on the highway for most of the time. 

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  •  We are having our wedding at the seasons on 8/18/2012 we will only have the reception there.  We have a church wedding and the bridal party will take photos in  a different place before joining the rest of the guests at the reception.  we have a limo bus to take us there and take us back to reception.  Our cousin had an outdoor wedding last summer and it was too hot for the guests thats why we choose indoor reception and also its in the evening going up to 1Am.  We will let you know since you have time btn aug and 2013.
  • another thought too- you could always go to a park nearby for photos- I know there is a pretty one in Westbrook right along a river. 
  • If you want a different location you could always try the fort----blanking on the name of it but its the one down on the eastern prom. I have been to two ceremonies down there and they were both beautiful. The only problem I can think of is similar to fort williams becauseinstead of navigating through south portland and portland it would just be navagating through downtown portland.
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  • Molly - LOVE that idea!  We could still have the ceremony on site, easier for guests. And then just take off right after to get pictures done during cocktail hour. Do you know of any 'nice' spots around that area off the top of your head? Thanks so much for the idea. ;)
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