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Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some advice/reccommedations on the Sunday River area.  We have decided to have our wedding at Ski Esta in Newry...has anyone had their wedding there?  The planning has just begun so we need vendors for everything...any reccommendations?  Our budget in rather small...looking to spend about 5-7k on the rest of the wedding.  Thanks for the help!

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  • There were a few of girls who got married there back in 2011.  I've gone back and found a few of their threads where they discussed vendors.  I haven't heard anyone mention that place in a while, but there 2-3 girls who specifically got married there and a few others who got married at other venues in the Sunday River area.

    I hope this gives you a place to start.  The first link is to a vendor review thread from a girl that got married there, so it lists all of the vendors she used.  The other two are just general discussions by people that got married in that area.

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  • Hi Fellow Ski Esta Bride!

    I'm gettting married there December 7th of this year!! We are going up in a couple of weeks to see the house and meet with our caterers! We are going with Good Food Store. My brother knows them from back in the day so that's awesome! 

    Still looking for a photographer, dj, and someone to marry us. 

    When are you getting married? 

    Love to share ideas. I'm looking to do things within the same budget too! 

  • Thank you hcorrigan34 for those links, there was some great info in them!

    Hi Jillian! Aren't you SO excited =) I can't wait to see that house, it looks absolutely incredible! You'll have to let me know how your visit goes.  Unfortunately, I am currently stationed overseas with the military so I don't think we're going to be able to make it over there to see it prior....but...I guess it will be a lovely surprise when we do get there.  Did you check out Gourmet in a Pinch or Sarah's Catering as well?  I have just contacted Good Food Store so I'm anxious to see what they have to offer (I've seen a lot of great reviews about them).  I don't know your price range for photographer and dj but i've found some appealing professionals if you'd like me to message you their websites.  We just finalized our date yesterday...going to be October 11, 2014! Ahh it feels so much better to have that decided! Are you having your ceremony and reception at the house?  The Artist's Covered Bridge looks adorable for a ceremony also.  Have you decided on colors/decorations, etc? How long are you staying at the house?  I'd love to hear the details of your wedding so far!

    Kate Smile
  • I just wanted to say I love Sunday River, and I've skied there a lot and shot a wedding there last year- at the Jordan Grand Hotel. I have always wanted to see a ski wedding! Are you taking photos in the snow? So pretty!
  • In Response to <a href="">Ski Esta - Sunday River</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some advice/reccommedations on the Sunday River area.  We have decided to have our wedding at Ski Esta in Newry...has anyone had their wedding there?  The planning has just begun so we need vendors for everything...any reccommendations?  Our budget in rather small...looking to spend about 5-7k on the rest of the wedding.  Thanks for the help!
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    Good evening,
       I am the Owner/Catering Manager at Gourmet in a Pinch - Western Maine's Full Service Catering Solution with Beer, Wine, Tents, and Party Rentals. Ski Esta is the most beautiful Mc Mansion in the Whole Sunday River Valley Area. Check out <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for a list of all of our wedding services. We include free delivery, setup, and pickup of all of our Gourmet in a Pinch Party Rentals. This is a $600 value and we have elegant Brown Chiavari Chairs to make your event extra special . I can prepare a complete proposal quote for you review and consideration usually within 24 to 36 hours. Call me 207-824-6000
  • You are not allowed to advertise your business on The Knot.  This was part of the terms of service you agreed to when creating an account, which clearly states that vendors are not allowed to post here.
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  • Hopefully you didn't book at the SkiEsta yet..

    We had a great time, however the day we checked out the caretakers arrived 20 minutes early and just walked right into the home, being VERY rude to all of us. With such a high cost and them being so strict on check-in/check-out times we really should've gotten to stay until check-out without these people barging in, and not to mention, for the 5 star cost, we should have had 5 star service.

    They also accused us of damaging items, which I advised we didn't (she would not give an opportunity to speak- just basically told us too bad we needed to pay), and then would not supply photos with the timestamp when asked. It's been a month and still no photos.

    If you're going to rent this home, be prepared to pay a lot of money for it and it not be the sparkling home they portray. Also walk slowly through the ENTIRE HOME upon arrival and record everything inside and out. Then send it to the owner, who FYI is very manipulative and will NOT take your word for anything. Lastly, be prepared to fight for your security deposit.

     I left a review to advise others and now the owner of the home, Sophia, emailed me right after to say she's definitely not giving my deposit back due to the review. This is such a scam, please be careful. She ruined my wedding.
  • @SkiEsta - This is not the appropriate forum for you to be defending your property since vendors are not allowed to post here.  

    @kellycrehan - Brides often come back and review their wedding vendors after their weddings, but usually after they've been members of this community.  I don't think it's appropriate to come here and leave a negative review of this vendor if you've never posted before.  

    A public argument like this is not very professional or adult-like.
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  • My sister-in-law to-be got married there Dec 2012. There were somewhere around 35 people at the wedding (I think?) and it was very comfortable. I wouldn't have many more than that... The place was absolutely stunning. It had that mansion feel but also made you feel comfortable and at home. I saw someone else posted something about the cleaning staff coming in early... They did that with us too. They came in about 10 minutes prior to the checkout time and we all sort of just stood there awkwardly trying to finish carrying things out to the car. Other than that small thing, we had no problems whatsoever and would highly recommend this venue to any future bride! I will say to be wise to what time you are planning your ceremony in the living room as the floor to ceiling windows let in a LOT of blinding sunlight and you don't want your guests squinting to see you say "I do!"
  • Kate,
    How are the wedding plans going?
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    They'll slow =) I'm working on getting Save the Dates out right now (doing passports since everyone is traveling for it).  Also, still trying to make that final decision between Gourmet in a Pinch and Good Food...ugh not getting very far on that.  How is your planning? Everything coming together?
  • I have been there recently and it is gorgeous!  The view looking across to the ski mountain is fabulous from the deck.  It was a small wedding (50) and the ceremony took place on the deck. I didn't ask what they paid but it slept so many people and everything was very upscale (even the toilets with warm seats and push button options for spraying!). They had a couple of chefs do all the meals including the rehearsal and reception meal, so no one really had to leave for anything. There are many places around there for others to rent too. The only drawback for us was that it was really in the woods, but not too difficult to find as long as you use your GPS.
  • I'm so excited about our upcoming Ski Esta wedding December 7th! We are having about 80-90 people. Making a second visit to the area in November soon.

    Still looking for ideas for favors, ways to encore orate teaching, and cute winter things.
  • I'll be stalking this thread since my fiance and I are considering SkiEsta for our Dec '15/Jan '16 wedding (date is still up the air until we decide which venue to use). My maid of honor lives/works at Sunday River and we spend so much time up there in the winter it only seems fitting. 

    How much are you spending on tables/chairs/linens? We're planning on 60-70 guests. We're trying to get a ball park figure for each individual aspect of the wedding before we decide whether we want a location that is mostly DIY or one with vendors on site.

    I was a little thrown to hear SkiEsta charges an extra $600-1200 Special Event Fee on top of what your paying for the home.
    Are you renting it for the minimum required three nights or longer? 
    I'm a little disappointed check-in is as late as 4pm and check-out is as early as 10am. I know we'd have it for three nights but I can't figure out how we'd want to arrange the days. I don't want to get there at 4pm the night before the wedding and rush to settle in but I also don't want to have to leave at 10am the morning after. 
    How are you ladies working it?

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