Any DJ recommendation in Kennebunkport close by area? Tried two recommended by Knot. Both are booked!

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    Try Weddingwire and Google

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    I just tried to PM you with a recommendation!
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    check out the site below... my fiance and i went to the portland bridal show this weekend and there were quite a few of them there.  I think they would be listed on that site. We talked with a coulple of them at the show, and they all said they will travel all over the state, so check them all out. Good luck!!

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    not sure who you've looked into but...
    Fred Pappalardo is good.
    I loved my DJ - Jeff Rockwell - out of Portland.
    Any DJ from the Portland area should be willing to travel, that's not very far away for them. 
    I personally wouldn't rely on TheKnot for getting ideas for any Maine vendors...  maybe in a more popular location, but not here.  Ask here for suggestions. 
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    I talked to Fred, but he is booked. One of his DJ is available, his name is Ron Reid, anyone heard of him?
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    Careful with some of Fred's DJs.  The wedding coordinator at my venue loves working with Fred, but she told us that a couple of the DJs that work for him aren't welcome because they weren't very professional and she felt they reflected poorly on her venue as well as Fred's company.  My DJ is from NH, but travelling to York for our reception so it might not hurt to check him out too.  His name is Ben and he was very easy to get along with when I met him.  He also did my sister's class reunion and got great reviews from her and her friends.  Check out his website:

    Good Luck!
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    We are using Greg from Northeast DJs. We attended the bridal show as well and saw a few other DJ companies at the show... Music Man DJ services, Jeff Rockwell was there too. Greg is younger but professional he has lots of great ideas and suggestions but they are a bit more expensive than the other DJ companies we contacted.
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    We used Dan DeBruin of DeBruin Entertainment (now part of Northeast DJs). VERY professional, great communicator, and extremely flexible. We booked him for X number of hours with the option to have him stay on longer if necessary. We had the whole place on the dancefloor the entire night and so of course we asked him to stay. Once an hour went by he would come to check on us and ask if he should stay another. He let us pay him later for the extra hours which was really cool becaue the last thing we wanted to do after a long evening of dancing and drinking was go up to our hotel room to write another check. Great guy, and he is great at what he does. Oh, and a bonus he is a "young" professional so he knows what is hip and what is not.
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