food question/beer and wine question

We are making our own apps and having the salad and dinner catered. The dinner is going to be a served salad, and then a buffet with brisket, pulled chicken, baked beans, and mashed red potatoes. (do we need more stuff?)

any ideas of fun apps we could make? that sort of go with the bbq theme? i have a lot of out of towners coming for our maine wedding and i'd like to somehow incorporate lobster into the apps.

also, we're having an "open bar" meaning we're supplying all the beer and wine. is anyone else doing an outdoor wedding where you are supplying the beer and wine? how are you setting it up? it's going to be self serve. the beer i'm sure we'll just have around in buckets, but the wine?

is a buffet tacky?

Re: food question/beer and wine question

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    Yum!  As for apps.. we are having a lobster meat wrapped in philo dough.. but Black Tie's making them so I don't know how to.. but they are delicious & you could probably find a recipe online!  Also what about mini crab cakes?  Or shrimp cocktail (if you can find a sale between now and then on frozen shrimp & freeze it?  Is there such thing as a lobster keesh and maybe you could do minis? 

    I don't know if the xmas tree still has them but they had bright colorful plastic drink bins.  I got one for my backyard and I think they were only like $3?  Might be worth checking out for the beer.  As far as wine goes.. Maybe set up a table.. line up the red & put the white/pink on ice in a bucket on the table?  Or put 1 of each color on each table?

    I don't think a buffett is tacky.. personal preference is a seated dinner but everyone has their own opinion but no it's definitely not tacky.
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    I agree with jpickering's idea on the wine.  It could be done really cutely too.  Get a cute linen, make some signs, set it up really need and organized.  Maybe get a couple of those drink coolers that are see through and put iced tea or lemonaid with lots of cut up fruit - or make a sangria!  Yum!  

    I think a buffet is fine and not tacky. 

    For apps, I think a really nice cheese/cracker/fruit platter is always a hit.  Shrimp cocktail wthout a doubt.  You could always make scallops in bacon as well.  Those are easy enough to make.  Sausage stuffed mushrooms, canteloupe wrapped w/proscuito, a nice antipasto plate, bruchetta (I have an awesome recipe too!).  I think it all depends do you want to serve hot ones or just put the food out?  If they will be hot, who will be serving them?  If you don't have someone to do this for you guys that day then I think you should just focus on stuff that can be done ahead of time like shrimp, cheese, olives, fruit, etc.

    For your dinner, I'd add some rolls and maybe some kind of veggie.  Grilled veggies, corn on the cob (technically like a starch I know), green beans, or some other kind of vegetable.  You could always make some cornbread to add on as well.  Yum!  
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    I don't think buffets are tacky at all.  That's what we're doing (with plated salad, like you), and my personal preference is to have good food and enough of it, don't really care how I get to it.  

    I like the idea of having a table with wine by the beers.  I think it's good to have them together so people see what their options are at once and don't end up with half finished drinks because they poured wine without realizing you're serving their favorite beer, etc.  Maybe you could get a smaller version of your ice bucket and put it on the table with an open white next to the red, and then keep the rest of the bottles in with the beer.  I'm pretty sure I saw stuff you could use at Reny's, although it's the season for it, so I doubt you'll have trouble anywhere.  

    As for your food, I'm a vegetarian (eat some fish, though), and I would be sad with the buffet, assuming your baked beans have meat in them.  Are you sure there are no vegetarians?  You might want to talk to your caterer about having something available for veggies.  

    For appetizers, we are having skewers with caprese salad (fresh mozzarella chunks and tomatoes with basil), which I'm excited about.  I've heard good things about using the little phyllo cups that you get in the freezer section of the grocery store, although I've never worked with them--you could fill them with a little lobster, maybe with some corn and fresh herbs.  Veggies with dips (hummus, ranch) and a cheese and cracker plate are always nice, I think.  
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    thanks ladies. Jessica, I know you're being serious but your "your menu makes me sad" comment cracked me up. And you made a valid point. We're only having around 40 guests, and I know that none are vegetarians, but it would be nice to have another option that's meat free. Our caterer is a local bbq place though, and they offer zero veggie meals. I'm thinking of making something simple day of to serve as an extra entree. Not sure what though.
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    Glad to make you giggle.  I think as chrispygal mentioned, having some veggies would be a good addition--if you don't have vegetarians, I don't know if you need to worry about having a substantial veggie meal, since between brisket and chicken, you'll probably catch all the meat-eaters.  Can your caterer do a grilled veggie platter (zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, etc.)?  
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    I second the sign idea for the drinks!  You can get cute, inexpensive chalkboards from; or just print something up and put it in a frame so people can easily see what's available.  I don't think buffets are tacky, but sometimes the lines can get overwhelming, and signs always help direct people (and sometimes calm them down).  Plus, if you're waiting to pour your wine, you can read the list and go directly for what you want when it's your turn. 

    Obviously, I'm stuck on the sign idea. 

    My aunt makes this really easily, but totally delicious crab meat app.  It sounds silly, but she puts crab meat on an english muffin (you could use a similar but fanicer bread if you wanted, like flatbread or maybe foccaia) with a little butter on the bottom and cheese on top, then grills it.  If you cut it into pieces people might not notice it's on an english muffin - but they certainly will rave about it.   The lobster in phyllo dough that PP suggested also sounds yummy & Maine-esque. 
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