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Weekend Plans!

Hi ladies!

This is my birthday weekend!! Celebrating turning 24 by drinking a bottle of cupcake angel food wine with my FI and then going out to sushi tonight. Sunday, my birthday, planning to hit the beach and have a picnic BBQ with my friends since it's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend! (warmest it gets here in san francisco ;) tomorrow FI is making me breakfast, and then we're going to visit the Jean Paul Gautlier exhibit at the de young museum before having a party night with my girlfriends.. time to go out dancing! no wedding stuff for me this weekend! what are you all up to?
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Re: Weekend Plans!

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    happy birthday.  have fun
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    Happy birthday girl!!! Sounds like you got a fun weekend ahead.

    Today I have a friends wedding to go to. I met FI through her and her hubby to be. It's so weird, it feels like it was just yesterday they got engaged and today is their big day! Time is going by way too fast.  Post wedding we're all going back to the hotel to hang out and relax.

    Sunday, FI invited me to a family dinner since it's fathers day. I'm not so excited about it. My dad and I haven't gotten along in YEARS, and while I still try to make an effort to acknowledge fathers day, it causes way too much stress.
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    FI outta town for work and has been for few weeks.  this weekend im working on getting organized with binders, spreadsheets and ideas.  so far i have 2 binders, did my side of guest list, printed out checklist of things to do using the knot tool and also martha stewarts tool checklist and budget.  gotta clean (ug!!) im staying in for the most part since suppose to be over 100
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    Happy Birthday! My mom's birthday is today! We're Having dinner with her tonight and we just got back from a family reunion/vacation this week, though FI and I only got to go for a couple days because I didn't have enough vacation time. I also made cherry chocolate cupcakes for her! They were yummy! Sounds like every one's weekends are going well so far!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Friday FI, FSS, FFIL & one of his friends and I went to a huge flea market.  Then I ditched the boys and met up with FSD & FMIL to go shopping, have lunch, and get pedicures.  I'd never had a pedi before, it was sort of awesome.

    Saturday we went snorkeling and found a bunch of stuff the people had dropped in the river, although not as good as Thursday's hall (Thursday FSS found an iPhone 3G in a waterproof case that had been underwater for over a year!  Works perfectly.  Talk about an awesome case!)

    Today we had to drive home =(  Back to real life tomorrow (boo!)
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