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July 2013 Weddings

July '12 Brides Invasion: Our Advice to July '13 Brides!


Re: July '12 Brides Invasion: Our Advice to July '13 Brides!

  • You guys are giving soooo much advice.. I know i am still reading..lol... i sooooo appreciate all the advice!!!!
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  • You guys provided so much more information than I ever thought of! Thank you for sharing, just counting down to July 12, 2013 :)
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  • Everything the girls reccommended is great! Definitely hire a DOC. Your mom and bridesmaids will love you!!! It is so much more than setting out favors and place cards.

    Don't overthink the small details...sadly no one willl notice. As much fun as it is to see all the small wedding details on Pinterest and TK, most of them in the end aren't noticed by guests and start adding up fast. Put your money where people will notice. Our photobooth was a huge hit, everyone loved it! Best $400 spent on my wedding! We found a deal on Groupon for it. Our guests also loved the glow necklaces we had. Spend money on a good DJ too! This will make or break your reception. Don't eat, breathe, sleep wedding stuff. Now that it's over I feel sad because it's all I did and talked about the last year. No one will care to talk about your wedding afterwards with you and expect just to hear "your wedding was fun" even if it was the best darn party of the century. No one care as much about your wedding as you do.
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  • Congrats!

    I am not going to repeat what everyone else has already said but what they all said is awesome advice. I agree with PP mentioning that the small details no one will notice. And yes put your money where it counts. We spend 4k on our DJ and he was the best DJ in the whole world and kept each and everyone of our guests dancing all night long.
    Last piece of advice, try not to stress too much. I stressed out a lot and even had anxiety over the wedding but now that I look back on it, and all the arguments me and my husband got into about the wedding, it wasn't even worth it. No one noticed all the hard work you put into the wedding. The wedding means more to you than anyone else. Also sit back relax, enjoy being engaged, and just try to have fun with the whole process and try not to make an decisions you may have regrets about.

    Congrats again!
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  • Im not sure if this was asked but what did you all do for flowers? Did you have a budget? What concessions, if any, did you have to make to get the flowers you wanted? Go with fake and diy? If so, what was that budget? What are some pointers you can give for diying? And lastly looking back would you have spent more or less on floral? Sorry for all the questions. I had my floral proposal today and cant justify spending 1200 for floral centerpieces, including bridal party flowers.
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  • Wear something that you feel and look beautiful in while getting ready i.e : Make-up and hair.

    I wore old faded yoga pants and a tank top - and the pictures look mediocre.
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