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How much to tip hair dresser

My hair dresser will be traveling to my hotel room to do my mom, sister, and my hair. She is charging $95 for all three of our hair, which I think is a really good deal. My hair dresser also does mine and my sister's hair throughout the year. The hair dresser will be traveling 1 hr to 1 hr 1/2 to get to my hotel where we will be staying the day of the wedding. How much should I tip her? I want to make it worth her while for driving to the hotel because it's helping me out tremendously, but I'm also on a budget.

Re: How much to tip hair dresser

  • I'm also on a budget and I'm tipping my hair dresser her gas money (round trip). she's gonna travel about 40 minutes so i figured i'd give her about $35. I'm in SoCal and gas is EXPENSIVE. almost $5 a gallon.
  • $95 is a very good price for hair for 3 people.  I would tip at least $25.00, but because of the distance, I'd probably give her $40.00

  • I know it is all based on the relative cost of living but $95 for 3 hairstyles is a STEAL for any of the places I lived.  Plus the time, gas etc.  Depending on her car, she'll probably use a whole tank of gas roundtrip so I'd tip her at least $50 (depending on how much it costs to fill a tank near you) between the three of you.  If that is a stretch right now, which I totally get, I'd tip what you can now, and when you go for your next regular cut post wedding expenses, tip her extra big then.  It may not be the standard way or ideal but she'll appreciate anything and whenever you can I'm sure!

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    mscausey misunderstood- I live in Cincinnati, OH and am paying more than that for JUST my hair, $85 per head (w/out tip) for my bridal party. 

    TIP BIG! (I'd say 20% in most cases, but considering the deal you're getting, I'd figure out what the average cost would be if the stylist wasn't giving discounts, and tip her on top of that, plus a fair bit for gas).
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