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Return Address?

Hey ladies, I am probably over-thinking this, but how did you do your names on the return addresses for your save-the-dates? Our save-the-dates only have our first names on them so I am really debating on this one.

My fiance and I live together, so originally I was going to have both of our first and last names along with our address. However, I am now having a custom stamp made and having both full names will just be too large for the stamp space. So, should I just use my first and last name? Or, should I do both of our first names and not worry about it? (It looks really cute this way, and I figure, if people are really confused about who we are they can always go to our wedding website which is listed.) 

EDIT: Another option would be to use just my FI's last name and our address, but I thought people may view that as me already trying to use his last name and could come across as tacky.

What do you think?

Re: Return Address?

  • I'm of partial Scottish descent, so I'd say use his last name w/ the address so you can continue to use the stamp after the wedding (assuming you're taking his name). Waste not, want not, and all that. ;) The two first names idea is cute, but it would be limited to use for personal correspondence involving both of you, and, again, there's that multi-use aspect I just can't ignore. So that's what I'd do. You know, so I didn't have to buy two $15.99 stamps because that would just kill me (and yes I spent $90 on skin care products this week but that's DIFFERENT). Maybe you should specify that only people without weird money issues should respond. Embarassed
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  • I will be doing both of our first names only. I am pretty sure I will get a stamp made but I am not changing my last name so this will still be useful after the wedding. 
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  • For a stamp, I'd get one with just FI's last name because they are more expensive than just labels so it should be something that lasts you.  Why not just order the free VP return labels with just your first names for your STDs (and you can always use them after for casual things like PP said)?  I got us some "unmarried" labels and have been holding off on a stamp until we figure out where the heck we are living after the wedding for this exact reason.  With shipping I think the VP labels cost less than $3 and then you don't have to stress about anyone who may be an etiquette snob?  If you need an active VP email for the free labels, let me know and I can forward.

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    I use both of our last names on our labels and our address, but I think using both your first names is a great Idea because you can use it after the wedding.

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  • We used both our last names too, we decided to do it this way because prior to the wedding there may be some extended family that is not familiar with FI last name and vice versa.  I like the idea of using the first names..... wish I had thought of that. :)
  • I used both our names but for our stamp, it's just our first names - it's just more practical ;)
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