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September 2012 Weddings

New Name?

Is anyone else struggling with changing their name? I never thought I would *not* change my name once I got married, but through the years my friends starting calling me "First Name Last Name," not just "First Name." My last name really blends well together with my first name. But I also don't want people to wonder, "are they married?" And I also don't want to have a different last name than my kids (whenever they come). I know the natural thing would be to hyphen my name. H has always stated he doesn't care one way or the other - EXCEPT he doesn't want me to hyphen my name. I actually agree with him. The two last names do not blend at all together; they're too similar. Anyone else crazy like me?

Re: New Name?

  • I am going to change mine but I am struggling with it as well. I feel like I am losing a part of me! I changed my name on Facebook while we were on our honeymoon and it looks SO strange every time I log on and see it. I think my new name is going to be harder for me to get used to than actually being married has been!
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  • I think my new name is going to be harder for me to get used to than actually being married has been!

    Me too!!! I also feel so weird because at work I'm still signing my name because legally, nothing has changed yet, so I feel like I'm in some kind of limbo between the two. I don't know what I'm doing! I keep going back and forth. I convince myself I'm changing, and then I convince myself not to. Ahhh!
  • People keep asking me what my new last name is but it's not official because we just filed our marriage license last week and I haven't started the name change process. I keep saying well, it's going to be xxx! Worse was on our honeymoon, everything was booked in my name and so when they would ask what name I would say my last name and I think DH was a little disappointed that I wasn't jumping all over the place to say his last name! :/
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  • I am struggling as well.  I am planning to change it, like you, for future kids, but I love my name and my initials as is.  My plan is to just add his last name and move my last name to a middle name.  I think it will be hard to get used to, but it is very important to DH. 

    Though I did find it funny when the DJ couldn't remember his last name so introduced us as Mr. and Mrs. My Last Name.  We laughed!!
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  • I struggled at first a bit, too. I've also always been called "firstnamelastname" in one word, or just my last name, lol.....for 30 years of my life!! However, I loved the idea of becoming one with adapting my husbands last name. I was married briefly in my early 20's and never took my husbands last name (I was very resistant to merging in any way with him...which should have been a red flag, lol!!!). 

    I find that, now that I've had this new name for 2 months now, I LOVE being "The Blanketyblanks" when making reservations, introducing ourselves, being the "Blanketyblank" family....etc.....it's just one more way for the two of us to become one unit, and I love it!

    Good luck either way! It's not an easy decision!!
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