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September 2012 Weddings

An Amazing Wedding! PIP

Well, I had my Wedding yesterday. On a normal day, I would have been very stressed, because I'm kinda a control freak with OCD on top of that. As we were getting ready at the church my mom (trying to help) started cleaning everything up, and throwing things in different cars. I actually didn't flip out. My AMAZING MOH just started digging through all the cars looking for the important lost items: programs, flower girls petals, makeup, deotorant, and the RINGS. lol. She found them all in time for the ceremony. I didn't even know that they were all the things were missing until after the wedding. All I know is that when it was time for something, she would run off, and come back with it about 10 min later. She even found my honeymoon things, then had them in my getaway car.

Our first look was on accident because my Husband (Wink) is snuck away from his groomsmen to go to the restroom. As I came out of the restroom talking to my bridal party I saw him from across the room (it was a small church). He just stopped and stared at me, while I was doing the same. My bridal party had their backs to him, so they didn't know he was there until they realized that I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. lol. We were supposed to have the first look upstairs in the church in front of the photographer, but this was soo much better. I will always remember that first intimate look just between the two of us.

I wasn't nervous at all, just super excited. All the way up until it was time to walk down the isle, and my Father started to tear up. Then the nerves hit me. Luckily my daughter was being funny as the flower girl so I had some time to catch my breath. We had heart, and butterfly shaped rose petals for her. Instead of dropping a few petals at a time, she picked a butterfly shaped one out, and SAT it on the ground. Took a step and sat another butterfly on the ground. She did this all the way down the isle in a "s" shaped design. She's 4 yr and a true princess/diva. lol. Everybody said it was adorable. I can't wait to see the video of that.

We did have our hickups though. my husband learned the vows in English just for the wedding. He is normally spanish speaking only. He was doing fine during the rehersal, and at the start of the vows. About 3/4 way through he actually looked at me, and choked up. He did the best he could to finish the rest of the vows, but it was no problem for me. I knew what he was saying: "My Vow" = "This is my solomn vow". lol. But that wasn't the biggest hickup during the ceremony. My husband and I were supposed to read a poem that we had written together in leui of the unity candles. But our Pastor forgot the poem, and had us Kiss. As he was announcing us as husband and wife, the Officiant reminded him about the poem, so we had to go back to that part, which kind of threw off the schedule of the ceremony, and confused our musican (but she figured it out in time). lol.

When we were leaving after the ceremony, the photographer stopped us, and asked if we wanted to do our outside photos since it had stopped raining. We were supposed to do all outside pics before the ceremony but it was raining, so we did them inside the church. So just myself, and my husband snuck off with her while my MOH took everybody else to the reception to start supper. It was so intimate and amazinge. We were able to play around and just be ourselves for the pictures. So much better than the stiff formal photos. We decided that amazing, intimate photos were better than a long supper time. lol. These are the sneak peak pictures that our photographer sent us today:


I can't wait to get the rest of the pictures! All of my family has been sending me their pictures all day, and I will be developing the disposable cameras that were on the tables tomorrow. They should be interesting. By the time we made it to the hotel, we had a glass of wine in the jaccuzzi, and went to sleep. I was wayyyyy to tired. lol. It was a long but fun night. hehe.

When we got home, and opened our wedding presents, I started to cry all over again. My Paternal Grandmother is very traditional, and only had 3 boys. 1 has a son, 1 has no kids, and my father has 2 girls/2 boys (I am the youngest). She passed down her Wedding quilt to me. As soon as I pulled it out of the bag I knew what it was and started crying. I didn't even need to read the card. I had seen the quilt all my life, and played on it dreaming of the day that it would be passed to me. She always had it folded very neatly on the foot of her bed. That's where it lays tonight on my bed. I am truly honored to have it, and can't wait until the day when I can pass it down to my daughter.
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