I actually would like to do what you are doing and not change my name at all. My MIL is a little P-A too which I don't understand because she is remarried with a completely different last name.!

Re: Morgan

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    It hasn't been a problem so far for me, but I think it's because my DH is so completely understanding of it. My MIL calls me by his last name when she introduces me to people. My Mom has been telling people at home that it's hyphenated. I'm kind of at the point where I don't care what people call me. I don't answer to Mrs. P - usually because I forget that they are addressing me. My students call me either Dr. M or Professor M., and I sign everything as Shannon M. I really think it doesn't matter - and shouldn't matter to anyone besides you and your DH. When we have kids and I have to sign things for them for school, I figure I'll sign this way: Shannon Mxxxxx (Pxxxxx) - that way they at least know who the kids belong to.
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    I agree - it's between you and your DH. I'm sorry your MIL intros you that way. I would get slightly annoyed at that, but I would probably grin and bite my tongue.
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