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If someone asks to be my friend, and I hit ignore, does facebook tell that person that I "ignored" their request? I have somebody I don't want to offend if they would see that I hit ignore, but I also don't want to have that request sitting there everyday.

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    I dont think so but Im the type that doesnt care if it offends someone! lol

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    Ha! I hope not. My OCD can't stand things sitting up there staring at me, so I ignore everything that I don't want to look at. Good question though! I've never been told I've been ignored, at least. Hope all is well, Shannon!
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    haha I don't think it tells them, but I guess if they never see the confirmation that you added them, they'd just assume it anyways. I always wonder about that too.
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    It's the OCD that bothers me too!! Same reason that I have to make sure that none of the posts are bolded on the board. It's the head of the lab that I worked in for grad school. I don't want to burn any bridges, so to speak.
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    I'm the same with un-bolding posts. I click on them whether I want to read them or not...I just can't take it! I'm actually doing that now since I couldn't knot today!
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    no it doesnt.

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    It doesn't, but if you ignore them, they can click add you as a friend again, so essentially they'll KNOW you ignored their request.  If you hit no, they can't ever add you again.  I've clicked ignore to a fellow teacher and they've tried 3 seperate times to add me.  GL!
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    There is no "no", it's either add or ignore.  It's always been that way.
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    If you ignore their request to be your friend, its like saying no. They can add you again and again. When the request is pending, they will see a message about waiting for you to verify your friendship instead of the "add as friend" link (or whatever it says). Once you ignore the request, they will see "add as friend" again.  If you'd rather them never add you again, you can block them so they can't find you in a search. 
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